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Stirling Balms?

Can anyone who has tried both give some feedback on the performance of Stirling balms vs Stirling splashes? I currently use Stirling splashes but I'm considering balms for the colder, dryer months. I have naturally dry skin and even use a moisturizer over Stirling splashes. I love the Stirling scents and I'm wondering if the balms have lasting scent plus moisturizing properties.
I am a big Stirling fan, love the Shampoo, Deo, Colognes, soaps, splashes, witch hazel, lip balm etc.

I’ve never really liked their Aftershave Balm, a bit too thick and greasy for my tastes, and it stayed on for too long. I prefer a thinner balm that quickly dissipates like Nivea.

The scents match like all stirling products do, and felt very healing. The margarita one with the cooling effect especially. Scents don’t last very long though, less than splash or witch hazel.
Thanks, I currently used Nivea for sensitive skin on top of Sterling aftershave for the exact reason you said it's thin. I do like the lasting scent of their aftershave and was hoping the bomb would provide the same.

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I have one Stirling balm - Margaritas in the Arctic, and i find that applying a small amount to an already wet face helps for application. Not sure why this is so, but definitely true in my experience.

OTOH - Soap Commander balms are better applied to a dry face IME.

Proraso balms make little difference if my mug is wet or dry.
I have a tube of Stirling Lime - I think that it's an excellent balm, and the scent (essential oil of lime) is a wonderful blast of lime. When it runs out, I will most likely buy another tube of the same stuff as I haven't found anything better (and I have certainly found worse!).
The scent of the balm is very slight. I have the Executive Man, splash and balm. The balm is kind of thick and heavy. I do like it though. It works great and has lots of skin food in it.
The Stirling balms are less a balm (like Nivea) than a face moisturizing cream. In that respect they are IMHO great for the colder days when your skin is prone to dry out and needs a thicker barrier. Scentwise the strength differs as much as with the splashes, some are heavy on scent some a very light. Beisdes, you can still use the balm on the face and the splash e.g. on the chest like an EdC for a stronger scent if the splash has more scent than the balm.
I have both splashes and balms, and ended up settling on using their splash first, then their unscented balm over top. That way, I didn’t need to buy two of every scent I owned. Some days, I even mix some unscemted balm into the splash in my palm to make a thinner, scented, balm.
I love the Stirling Balms. Have used Nivea and a couple of others. have Stirling Spice, Coconut Lime and Sandpiper. My "Spice" container is starting to feel very light and my Shaving Buddy tells me I'm over 105 uses. The ingredients are all good including Witch Hazel, Aloe, and Shea Butter. I'd certainly recommend a trial. Just use one drop and work it in. The scents are not overpowering and are very pleasant.
My Stirling “Spice” finally quit after 111 uses. I would expect a few more applications as I probably used too much on the first useS of this product.