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Still searching......

I just received my order from Mama Bear last Friday and tried out the three soaps I ordered (almond, English leather, and bay rum). Unfortunately, the bay rum really burned on my face:blushing: . I didn't change any other part of my shave set up, so I figure I'm reacting to something in the new soap. Bummer.:frown:

So, can anyone recommend a good bay rum? I really love the Colonel Conk bay rum, but want to find others to try out.

By the way, anyone interested in trading for a slightly (once) used Mama Bear bay rum soap, please PM me.

I still think her soaps are fabulous, though. The almond was just great (even if I did have a craving for a marichino cherry afterwards).:biggrin:

I would give Honeybee soaps a try. I really like them. they can be obtained from
http://stores.ebay.com/Honeybee-Spa-Soaps. The shaving soaps are a shea butter soap and they leave your face feeling really nice. They are also very reasonably priced. I have also tried the Mamma Bear soaps and liked them as well, but the Honeybee soaps are every bit as good.

Thanks Bud....

I have my order on its way right now! Coconut, Old Spice and Bay Rum.

Can't wait to whip up a lather and get to shaving!
Hon, send me a pm.. if you are sensitive to the fragrance oils I will send an essential oil blend or a fragrance free shaving soap at no charge to try. This has seemed to work for everyone that has had a reaction to the fragrance oils... I wish this didn't happen from the bottom of my heart, but we will try something new and go from there. I back up the products that I make with my heart and soul... I will work with you!

Trade this off to someone without a fragrance problem, I will replace it!

Bear Hugs,

Sue (Mama Bear)
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