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It stands for "Pay it forward." It's doing good for someone without being asked. You will see it a lot here on B&B. These are some of the most generous folks I have ever encountered.

There is an abbreviation Wiki here somewhere. Perhaps one of our more experienced members can show you where it is.

Enjoy your shaves!


Tim: It's under the Wikis listed under "Abbreviations." Unfortunately I don't know how to put the link in my response.
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PIF = Pay It Forward. Someone has some shaving gear that they are willing to pass on to someone else who is getting into wet shaving. Usually happens after someone has been here for awhile and wants to repay the kindness they were shown when they first started out. A PIF could also be someone has something that they tried and they didn't like so instead of selling they pass it on to someone that's interested in it. There are other PIFs as well that involve donations to B&B and the like. I hope this helped.
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