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Still getting ingrown hairs--PLEASE HELP!

Hi All--

Found this forum, and thought maybe somebody could help me.

I've recently switched to a DE razor, and I'm still getting ingrown hairs like crazy, and can't seem to get a decent shave. I've probably spent hundreds of dollars on products that promise to get rid of razor burn, from specialty shaving gels to products like Tend Skin...with nothing helping.

Here's my current shaving process:

1. The night before I shave I do a scrub--not gritty, more bead-like.
2. In the morning, I wash my face and take a long, hot shower--then get out, and apply pre-shave oil, by Origins (it's called Easy Slider).
3. I put a hot hot towel on my face for two minutes.
4. I put some Geo. F. Trumpers violet shaving cream on my face.
5. I wet my Vulfix #2235 super badger shaving brush, and let some of the water drip out.
6. I create a deep later on my face, until the consistency is pretty thick.
7. I use the Merkur Futur razor with genuine Merkur "Double-Edge" SS Platinum Blades...I take strokes of around 1-2 inches before rinsing in hot water in the sink.
8. I only shave in the direction of the hair growth--North to South on the face, and the opposite on the neck.
9. After shaving, I wet my face and splash with cold water to close the pores.
10. I use C.O. Bigelow Herbal Skin Tonic (non-alcohol) formula--it contains witch hazel and its supposed to 'seal' the shave to keep you from getting ingrown hairs.
11. After that, I use C.O. Bigelow Aftershave lotion which has grapeseed extract in it.

Here's a shot of all the products I use:


After going through all that, I still get red bumps on my face every time like this:


Usually I only shave every 2-3 days because if I shave more often, it just inflames the bumps worse, and if I were to ever shave two days in a row, I would have horrible bumps.

Instead of plucking the ingrown hairs, I heard it was better to try to just removed them from the bump, then shave them off the next day, as I read that plucking them out with tweezers actually made them worse.

The razor bumps have a whitish (zit-like) stuff in them, right above the hair. I guess thats the sebum filling the pore and covering the hair up. It's not acne though. I'm not sure what it is.

I've tried everything possible--from electric razors in the past, to mach 3, to schick quattro, to this new double edge razor (which i read decreases ingrown hairs), and i'm just about to give up and grow a beard...but i'd rather get a decent shave. Seems like all the guys I know in college with me just glide a cheap disposable razor over their skin in about 30 seconds, and they're done and they get the perfect, irritation free shave. I wish it was that easy for me. Does anyone have any suggestions to offer up?

I've tried about every combination of products, razors, etc...but I'm more than open at this point to try something else. I might as well get it right now, since I've got a good 60+ years left of shaving.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Nick,

...uuuh, looks really bad, but let me see, if I can tell you what I've done as I've had the same problems on the left side...

You say you shave every second day, I've done that till recently 3 months, always the same problem, ingrowing hairs and so on.

Now it's better than ever since I shave every day in the evening, after a shower, without washing the face with soap or the like, that works better for me.
I use shaving oil and make two passes without any pressure, rinse off the lather with warm water, then cold water (same like you do) and use an alcohol based a/s (like Swiss Pitralon or Floid).
After that and if it's dried out I use a balm or cream to moisturize the skin and, I have no problems more...

I think, one of the important things to do is, not to touch your fresh shaved facewith your hands, leave the skin alone...

Hope that helps a little bit and, I hope you understand me...

Thomas -

I feel your pain buddy!!! I swear I had the exact same problem for a LONG time when I got into this. It was as bad as your picture (and worse, at times, too).

I did/still have to shave daily. I LOVE a super close shave and the closer I shaved, the worse my skin got. Try shaving all those little bumps off with a Feather razor! That's a good look with a shirt and tie... :yikes:

I have tried tons of products to fight this (all of them, I think). Many gents will tell you many things.

I think it all boils down to one's personal genetics. What I mean is, some gents just DON'T get these things and don't see how you can. Some guys will tell you to shave less often, more often, closer, lighter - I've tried them all (with varying degrees of success).

This is the only thing that worked for me: PFB Vanish (Tend Skin didn't help me, either BTW)


I don't care WHERE you get it - but GET it!! Yes, it stings a bit. However, literally overnight I saw a HUGE difference. Within 3 days - boom nothing, clear as a bell.

I basically do a 4 pass routine (daily) with a Feather loaded Slant Bar with no ingrowns (or maybe one tiny one a month, or something). I go against the grain for 2 of those 4 passes with no trouble at all. It's even done wonders to really help repair some of the scarring left behind by shaving/plucking/ you name it-ing that I was doing to try to make them go away early on.

Absolutely unbelievable!

I'm telling you buddy - this product allowed me to see what all the other guys here had been experiencing all along! :w00t:

Fee free to PM me if you want details on how to best use it, etc. It's not rocket science, but I can probably give you a couple of tips.

Hell, I'll buy it off of you if it doesn't help. Seriously.
You've provided a great post. The pics are really helpful. I would eliminate some or all of the products you are using now, perhaps one at a time and absolutely try Howards advice. You need some serious changes. I will add that the Furtur is a pretty heavy razor and you may want to try a Long Classic or anything lighter. I'd also consider trying a different blade. I agree with oils, I'd consider NOT washing off your natural oils so much and even adding some shaving oil to your process if needed.

I know, not the advice you wanted. Don't make big expensive changes, make them slow and as needed.

Oh, one more thing. You might try not using the brush to apply the cream just using your hands gently.

They aren't zits but they aren't entirely razor bumps either.

I would also consider looking for organic products, and probably visiting a dermatologist.

Keep at it!
I've walked your shoes. My condition was very similar to yours.

Here's my recommendation.

Eliminate the pre-night scrubbing. Give your face a rest and some more time to heal.

Shower first in the morning to soften up the whiskers. Run the hot shower water on your face as long as you can stand it and at least for a minute. Gently massage your whiskers while under the hot running water.

Shave immediately out of the shower.

Eliminate the shave oil, the witch hazel and the Bigelow lotion.

Use the trumpers and get some trumpers Rose Skin Food.

Dial down the Futur. Cut whiskers down in multiple passes; don't aim for one pass. Use light pressure. Don't aim for Baby B Smooth at first. This will come naturally once your technique improves.

Finish up with Rose Skin Food.

Nicole Sommers from Gentsllc.com made a good point one time. Many products don't actually close the pores, they seep down the sides and effectively end up blocking them. She posts regularly on BadgerAndBlade.com and has a lot of good information to offer.

Only use colognes on places that you did not touch with a razor (under the ear lobe or way below the Adams Apple.)

Throughout the day, make a note to NOT touch your face. I found that touching my face just made my condition worse.

Try this for a least a week.

Let us know how it turn out.

I agree with the above posts re: not touching your face.

I am a HUGE offender in this area!! Not touching your face does certainly help. (sorry I forgot to mention that).
HlSheppard said:
I agree with the above posts re: not touching your face.

I am a HUGE offender in this area!! Not touching your face does certainly help. (sorry I forgot to mention that).
Not touching your face? Is it a bacterial thing? This lad apears to have some pseudofolliculitis and potentially some acne..
guenron said:
Not touching your face? Is it a bacterial thing? This lad apears to have some pseudofolliculitis and potentially some acne..

Yessir, Ron - bacterial indeed. I mean, TOUCHING isn't so much the problem.

I tend to sit at a desk with my chin resting on my hand - that type of thing. It isn't the root of the problem - but it makes matters worse than they need to be.

Later in the day (at least for me) doesn't matter nearly as much as when freshly shaved (when I keep feeling the smoothness in disbelief :lol: )
Head to the dermatologist my friend. Life is too short to suffer bad skin. They will fix you up in no time.
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