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Sticky: What is a PIF? - A Guide for Newbies

Understood! I was just looking for tips on where to get the best products at and what products would be best so I try to listen. God I wish you were around in boot camp!!! I had my DI SHAVE ME once! and. ONCE WAS MORE THEN ENOUGH
This is awesome. I'm new and only joined because I don't want to do this alone. My 11 year old isn't ready. My 5 year old has to be held back though. He says he's ready to shave with a straight. Meantime I will continue to browse and learn the site better. I think there's a great joy in sharing. So far it's been with cigars and people I know. I'd like one day to pass a restored razor to a new guy who can't indulge on an expensive razor. Anyhow that's my first post.
Ok newbie here. I'm never been PIF'ed anything to me and have Item X to PIF to someone else. How does this work precisely? Sorry if I missed it somewhere, I am still unsure.


The Aussie Basshole
If you go to the very first post in this very thread it explains what a PIF is and how to PIF. Otherwise you can find a current PIF in a forum that you follow and follow it see how the member is running his/her PIF. The rules of the PIF are yours, mainly if there is any postage restrictions or for a new member you might say, only want members with under X amount of posts. There is a new member blade PIF in the Shave Clinic & Newbie Check-In run by @Toothpick, you could have look at it and it may help you out. If you are still having trouble PM me or another Ambassador or a Moderator for further help.
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