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"STICKY" post for soaps -Need HELP? read this!

Great compendium! If you can't get a decent lather and shave from any soap, read each and every thread in Jim's links... you'll be a master of lather in no time!

Great job Jim, and thanks for the one-stop solution for soaps!!
Excellent, Jim! I know I didn't know just what to do with the hard soaps when I started out. These threads are great. :001_smile

This is the reason I'm glad I'm on this site! I had no idea what to do with my glycerine soap fiasco this morning...but, with Scotto's thread, I'll give it another shot tomorrow!:thumbup1:
This was awesome. I was getting to the point where I wondered if I'd ever be able to create good lather, and then I saw the tutorial.
Thank you for posting these very helpful tutorials. Iv'e been trying a number of things and was just about ready to move away from soaps, but there might be hope for me yet.

i tried to check this page out, but i get the following message..
global_dev, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:

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I am guessing the issue is Reason #3, but i don't really know. Any help would be great.
This is brilliant!
I wonder what would I have done if I hadn't gone through this post. I used the technique in this article for my first experience with soaps and whipped up an amazing lather with my Godrej Shaving Round, could have easily gone for 4 passes and more...

Thanks a lot Jim! :thumbup:
Great sticky!!

Quick question, I have a lot of soft soap samples that I have to break into pea size pieces, how do you guys face or bowl lather with these? I have quite a few samples that I do not use because I have difficulty dissolving the whole piece while bowl lathering and the lather is sub par.
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