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Sticky Holster hack.


Fridays are Fishtastic!
1. P7M13. I agree, it deserves a better holster, but the simple Sticky is so comfortable it will be hard to beat. I have a nice Andrews Leather McDaniel holster on the way. I hope it will secure the pistol as comfortably and securely.
2. Yes you can forget re-holstering one handed with the Sticky. It's impossible.
3. I carry it with the grip high so I can get a full grip without any fiddling. The pic shows it a bit off on the cant. I had to bend like a pretzel to get the photo and it shifted backwards a bit. If I don't keep it up next to my side the butt sticks out in back and makes an outrageously obvious print.

The problem with all the holsters I have tried except the Sticky is that the cant wont stay canted. Weight distribution causes the pistol to twist backwards. At least with the Sticky and loop the cant I set stays that way ftmp.

Ok. Here is some P7M13 eye candy.View attachment 1655414View attachment 1655415View attachment 1655416
If I had that, the G43X would be long gone.
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