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Discussion in 'Brush Making and Restorations' started by rockviper, Mar 10, 2019.

    For the benefit of this thread, here is the jewel that Graydog bestowed on me.
    I chose the 24mm synth knot to match the coloring of the very pretty maple walnut handle.

  1. Very nice color combination.
  2. Beautiful.
  3. Well the box of badness arrived in my mail box (well the slip did and I went to the mall to pick it up). The brushes are absolutely wonderful, the pictures don't do them justice!

    Can't wait for tomorrow morning to get here to give one a try, as well as some of the other goodies the rest of the bad people (@rockviper , @Somnos , and @T.Orso) threw in.

  4. Nice. Congrats.
  5. Nice gear from very generous people, but I have to ask, what is that thing that looks like crocheted bacon?
  6. Graydog

    Graydog Contributor

    Part of @rockviper s Lunch :)
  7. Somnos

    Somnos Contributor

    “Baaaaaayzinga”.....he’s here all week. LOL
  8. rockviper

    rockviper Moderator Emeritus

    ... and the veal was great! :001_tongu

    My bacon strip came in as well today! Lotsa fan on the ends, but a meaty middle :thumbup1:
  9. You guys, I can't. I just can't buy another brush. Stop tempting me like this!
  10. Somnos

    Somnos Contributor

    3901DF45-BB78-40AF-B6E1-95320588B939.jpeg 90693A5F-612B-41AE-B1D2-3E13A6168CC0.jpeg Well @T.Orso I couldn’t think of a more fitting bookmark!
  11. What, are you crazy? Who ever heard of crocheted bacon?

    It's knitted bacon. Knitted and felted.
  12. Somnos

    Somnos Contributor

    :a22: That was funny!
  13. Well I couldn't tell which TOOL made the bacon. :001_tt2:

    So it is in fact suppose to be bacon. Pretty good work!
  14. I'll just leave this here for now.... more comments later on the great shave and great brush!
  15. I'm not much on I'll keep it short. The Graydog brush has a beautiful handle and a horsehair knot. This is my first time using horsehair; it was a great combination of splay and backbone to whip up a great lather with good face feel. It worked well face lathering and I suspect it'd do well bowl lathering (which I do infrequently).

    The Arko was also new to me and PIF in the goody box. I enjoyed the scent, a bit of citrus and something else (?, I'm terrible at scents). It was like a citrus Cella. First time using a shave soap stick, I think (I know) I applied too much onto my face. I ran the stick over my face until there was white film on my face. The soap was nice and slick.

    Oh and some coffee, I love morning coffee. Great shave all in on and looking forward to the next one!
  16. Somnos

    Somnos Contributor


    Glad you enjoyed the brush!!! Enjoy buddy lots of stuff to try out!
  17. Love the bacon bookmark. That must have been interesting to make. I've knitted a bit but never with yarn thin enough to use as a bookmark. And I've never felted.
    Who made it?
  18. That was me! Definitely a fun project, and pretty quick, as knitting projects go. Felting takes a couple of minutes.

    PM me if you want some general instructions.
  19. Well, no picture today. I used the horsie brush again this morning, absolute pleasure! I was rushed for time this morning to get to work, so used my existing soap and no sample. The brush handle is a beauty and very ergonomic and comfortable to use.

    I am thinking maybe one more go with the Horsie before cleaning it up and sending back to @Somnos.

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