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Stephen Strasburgs debut tonight

The line: Seven innings, four hits, two runs, zero walks, and … 14 strikeouts, tied for most in the majors this season and second-most all time for a pitcher in his pro debut. And he got better as the game went along:

With a standing-room-only crowd cheering at every chance, the Washington Nationals phenom put on a dazzling display of power pitching Tuesday night in a 5-2 win over the Pittsburgh Pirates. His fastballs reached 100 mph, and batters found his nasty curves nearly impossible to hit…

Last year’s No. 1 overall draft pick — the one with the record $15.1 million contract — threw his first pitch 97 mph and got stronger as the game progressed. He struck out the last seven batters he faced, and all nine Pirates in the starting lineup fanned at least once.

Watch the highlight video below, you'll be impressed even if you don't like baseball. The man can put some movement on a ball.

You know he's something special when Ken Burns gets interviewed on Sports Center. You gotta tip your hat to the guy that put Syracuse back on the map and the Nationals back in any spotlight!
The steroid era is definatly over when we start caring about pitchers. Is this a return to the bad old days of pitcher battles and 1 to 2 games? If this very skilled and tallented rookie is the future then the sport is over.
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Quite a performance but don't put him in the HOF just yet. Remember Kerry Woods as a Chicago Rookie in 1998 struck out 20. Where is he now?
I saw that Fox dropped the Red Sox - Phillies game to instead show Strasburgs next outing against the Indians. They better hope he pitches late into the game because you know nobody is going to stick around after he is pulled to watch this game.
This guy really could be something special. I know I'll be watching his progress.

It was an impressive debut.

Never thought you'd say that about a Nationals game, did you? :lol:


Making 10 million dollars a year pitching for the Indians.

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