Steer-Dovan Strop by Tony Miller

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  1. Tony Miller

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    Sorry that you were not able to join in on this. In the Pass around we did, each member trying out the strop footed the postage costs to get it to the next on the list. Priority mail to the UK is roughly $45 US and no idea how much for a UK member to then send it to the next person on the list elsewhere in the world (and no idea if customs or VAT would apply to the recipient). Not sure how else we could have done this to make it better for non-USA members and I would not expect any one those who tried the strop to have to pay those postage costs just because the next on the list was in another country. In the end the strop was given away in a drawing to one of the 11 who tried it out.
  2. Yes, it is a expensive hobby without all the postage.
  3. MO1


    Yeah, I would have wanted to participate, but the shipping costs alone... may aswell buy a brand new strop if the shipping fee is around $50.
    Not really right to make someone on the list pay that amount either.
    Was fun to follow though!

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