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starting to get the RAD bug

So I've been DE shaving for a few weeks, trying out different blades with my black handled SuperSpeed. It's been a thoroughly enjoyable experience and I can't imagine ever going back to cartridges. But with the SuperSpeed I've noticed that while I can get a really nice shave it can take 4 or more passes over problem areas like my cheeks and parts of my neck. My wife has recently gotten into DE shaving too for her legs and she bought a Merkur 23c (180) for its long handle. I decided to use her razor a few times and wow, what a difference! It's a more consistent shave and the problem spots cease becoming problem spots after only two passes. Plus, I know it can be better with practice.

I guess when I joined B&B I didn't really understand what RAD was all about but all of a sudden I'm getting the urge to upgrade or at least try something different. Given the two razors that I've tried so far, what would be another one to pick up (say in a month or so, as I continue to improve my technique)?

I'm thinking about the following models:
1) Edwin-Jagger DE89
2) Merkur Futur
3) Gillette Slim or Fatboy
The DE89 is a fantastic razor, especially for the price. I consider slim's and fat boys to be very comparable however I noticed many on here prefer the fatboy for their reasons. To me, they shave almost identically and it's easier to find a slim for a better price. I have a suspicion if your RAD doesn't go away you may have tried all these razors on your list, and then some in the upcoming year. :biggrin1:
1) EJ89 is a great "type A" razor. In other words, it's not remarkably mild nor aggressive, it's very well made, and provides a smooth, consistent, predictable shave. I haven't used a 23c, but the EJ89 is, in my opinion, smoother and more consistent than a black handled Super Speed. However, if you're feeling adventurous, this might not be the razor for you. I would liken it to a really well made vanilla ice cream. There is nothing to complain about, but it doesn't really stand out in any particular way.
2) I have not used a Futur, and won't try to unfairly comment. I've heard that it can be made to range from very mild to very aggressive, but I've never used one.
3) Vintage Gillette Adjustable 195 - Both the Slim and the Fat Boy were originally called the "195 Adjustable." Fat Boy was released first, then Gillette re-tooled the line, and the Slim came out a few years later. Both are fantastic razors. In my opinion, I prefer the heft and feel of the Fat Boy. I'm fond of saying that, all around, it's the best razor ever produced by mankind. It's built very well, it shaves very well, and it has the added bonus of being 9 different razors in one. You can expect solid consistency from one Fat Boy to another, and if properly cared for, it will last forever.

In your specific situation, my recommendation would be a Fat Boy. It allows for a little experimentation. Then, once you've figured out exactly how you like your shave, you can look at other razors that might match that in terms of aggressiveness. I don't believe that the Fat Boy is the "best" and any single type of shave, but given the amount of flexibility it provides, I think it's a great all-around option, and you're surely not going to be disappointed with it.
Wow, thanks for the great information! I think RAD will definitely get me in the end, and I'll end up getting all these razors and more, but I'm still trying to make it appear to SWMBO that I switched to DE shaving to "save money" :001_cool:

That being said, I'm really leaning to one of the Gillette adjustables (slim or Fat Boy) as my next purchase. I like the idea of an adjustable as the best way to broaden my experience. I've checked eBay but haven't really found anything worth jumping on yet.
Weber Polished Head. More efficient than the EJ89 or the R89, but just as smooth if not smoother. Heavier for easier use with no pressure and arguably the best handle on the market, longer or shorter, your preference. It will be the best $70 you spend.
The Fatboy has the heft but the slim has the longer handle that I like. Also the Fatboy is the "bell of the ball" right now and going for premium prices. The slim is creeping up bit can still be found at a fair price here on the B/T/S and I love Etsy.
Be careful of the RAD. I also started with the idea of saving money but look at what happened here.
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If you are looking for an adjustable you might try the Merkur Progress rather than Futur or the Gillette's. I think the Progress is one of the best razors ever made (design) which dates from the 1950's. Unlike Gillette it's adjustment is continuous from 1 to 5...no clicks and mechanically it is a far simpler tool to adjust, clean and use. Can always add the Slim or Fatboy down the road. They are frequently on BST and always on eBay. Most of the retailers carry them. Just a great razor and reasonably priced. Comes in a short and long handled version.
So many choices! I’ll add the Weber polished head to my list.

When I was looking at adjustables the Progress really piqued my interest but I kept running into negative reviews (setting calibration changes with each blade change, asymmetric blade gaps)… At the same time though it seems to have a good following. Are these issues real or are they just nitpicking from experienced (OCD? :wink:) shavers?

Every hobby I’ve gotten into (home brewing, woodworking, electronics) ended up with some kind of AD, but my collections spent the vast amount of time being unused while life & kids happened. The great thing about wet shaving though is that it’s a hobby I get to partake in every single day!
And so it begins!

Lots of good advice here. I have the DE-89L and it is a great razor. Once you feel really comfortable with your technique you may want to think about getting slant bar. I have a Merkur 37C slant that I love.

Don't be afraid of the other Gillette models. They are all just different facets of the same great diamond. I have recently acquired a 1946/47 Aristocrat and a Super Adjustable Black Beauty. Both are great shaves.

Don't worry, with your RAD setting in you'll own most of them eventually!!
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