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Start with 3 B&B anniversary brushes, then MORE BRUSHES!

So I recently bought a lot for literally thousands of $$ that showed up today...and before I unpacked it I jumped on a local collection suddenly offered on Facebook. I feel overwhelmed!
I won't go into the 53 razors that came with the brushes in this collection as this is the brush forum...this'll still be one long post full of pics.
Any help identifying the unknown appreciated!
Here's the group:

As promised, let's start with the LE Badger and Blade brushes. The orange is a Kent and was still wrapped in tissue in the red leather Kent case. Marked 2009.

The other is unknown and marked 2006. Help?

From there, there are 3 more Kent in the same case, one was still sealed in the heart shrink wrap and it painted me to open it, but it was otherwise unmarked... low and behold another 2009 b&b Kent!
...and the other two Kent:

Two Shavemac brushes. Names or info would be nice as I'm definitely keeping one.

I thought my chubby was big, but here's a MASSIVE Simpson Polo PL12!

Four Omega:

Savile Row Super, Frank Shaving, Vulfix in Super:

Four Ever Ready...do you think the middle two knots are OG? Oops just found out only 10 pics...a few more to come in comments!
Your 2006 brush was offered in horn and in black. A matching razor could be purchased with it also. I have the same exact brush purchased from that time frame. You pretty much hit the motherlode w/ your purchase. You have the 2009 made for B&B by Kent in butterscotch & black- I have the black version.

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