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Star Double Edge Razor

First shave report with the Model 100!
Note: This is my personal opinion. As always YMMV!
First of all I have to emphasize that the Star blows the Tech right out of the water. They might look like similar designs in terms of head geometry but they're not. The similarity ends there!
Shaves nothing like a Tech (My Tech is a post war pre 1950 ball end).
My experience with the Tech hasn't been good (in comparison to my Super Speeds & adjustables).
It has absolutely no efficiency in my shaves. I've even tried several blades and nothing!
I'm a 2 pass shaver but with the Tech I've had to do 3 passes + touchups in order to get a decent DFS.
That means post shave irritation for me!
The Star:
I used a Gillette Platinum (Dark blue box)
2 pass WTG/XTG
Super balanced & excellent knurling on the handle.
The shave was incredibly smooth and super efficient.
Final result was a near BBS shave which I really didn't expect.
Like I said, the heads look practically the same but American Safety Razor did
some unseen magic with the Star. From the research I did, the Tech has .22 of blade gap
and the Model 100 is .23, not enough difference in my opinion to warrant such a different
result. But whatever!
Point is that it's different enough for me to put the Tech away or just sell it. It's obvious that the Tech
isn't for me.
A+ for the Star.
It's a wonderful and highly underrated razor!
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