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Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl

I also have a few ceramic bowls that I like. It’s all about finding a size that suits the brush. Big enough to lather and small enough that the brush doesn’t fall into the mixer while your shaving. Sloping sides are good too.

The blue one was made by a friend that does pottery. The black one is a rice bowl made by the Salt and Pepper company. It has a nice matt finish that seems to help the lather.


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Nothing wrong with Silver at all.
It’s a cool material that boasts some interesting properties.

The most reflective metal.
The best electrical conductor.
The highest thermal conductivity, (second to diamond)
One of the oldest currencies.
Highly resistant to oxidation and tarnishing in its pure form.

Silver was once very popular for all sorts of everyday items. Today it’s been almost entirely replaced by stainless steel. I think that’s a bit of a shame. It really is a beautiful material. Side by side it’s easy to tell the two apart. Silver is much brighter and whiter. If there’s any doubt check the thermal conductivity with some boiling water. You will have your answer in a couple of seconds!


The Aussie Basshole
I picked up a couple of shaving mugs that I will have to have a look at. They might be EPNS but I am sure I picked up an old Silver One. Packed away now of course.
Nice bowl @ERS4, I like it a lot.

Thank you for your generous words.
It is indeed an ordinary bowl at first glance, but it is actually extraordinary, so it has received a lot of love.

And it fits the theme very well, so I share it with gentlemen. :)
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