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FS Stainless Razors, ATT Copper and Carbon Shaving Stand

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I'm continuing to try and downsize the shave den. The listed price for each razor includes Paypal fees and shipping in CONUS. From memory, I believe I'm the original owner of each although I may have picked up the Seygus in trade. If additional pictures are needed, I can provide them.

1. Above the Tie - Copper razor (R plate) with stand - $200. I'm don't recall the purchase price but the current 5 piece set sells for $385. That 5-piece set has an additional plate which lists for about $85 so the 4 piece set would be about $300 now.
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2) Haircut & Shave - N075 - $150. I don't recall the price new but this is the machined/lightly polished version. I don't believe H&S is making this handle anymore. The current black coated H&S N075 is selling for $225.
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3) Seygus Stainless 05/07 - $150. Both sides give a mild shave feel so if you are wanting an aggressive razor, this is not for you. New the razor sells for $240.
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4) Blackland Sabre - $200 (new $290) - machined finish with both plates and stand
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5) Alpha Shaving - $80 (new $125).
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6) Carbon Shaving Cx Stainless Steel razor stand - $45 (new - $60)
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