St. James of London Synthetic brush

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    Any idea who makes this brush for SJOL? If I had to guess, I'd say it was Muhle. Is it a good buy?
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    I was thinking of getting one for my dad. The last one I got him was the Plisson Synthetic. Unfortunately, they don't make that same knot anymore and what they make now is quite pricey.

    The advantage with the SJOL is he'd get a bunch of samples too.
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  1. It does look like the Muhle STF. But, if you talk about Plisson as in plissoft knots, the market is full of them now (Yaqi, Razorock, APShave, Maggard). They are the plissoft knot with gluebump that gives it more backbone. And they are cheap.
  2. Jagger would be my guess. Same knot as Muhle, but Jagger sets the knot deeper. (Less splay.)

    Check out Connaught Shaving.

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