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FS SS Mongoose and ATT aluminum SE razors.

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Not really using SE razors anymore. Both of the razors use single edge Artist Club style blades. Tracked shipping from Canada is included as well as pay pal fees. The two brushes are only for sale bundled with a razor. Both razors have had little use by me and are wiped clean and disassembled after every shave. Both razors come with original packaging.

Mongoose SS SE. This is a heavy and beautifully made razor. The handle is one of the nicest I own. The razor is very easy to load with a blade and has a robust post that does not need special attention. An interesting and rewarding piece of shaving history that is no longer available. Shaves great. $130usd.

Above the Tie aluminum single edge razor. I've always found the ATT website to be very confusing to figure out and I still can't figure out if they still sell this razor or not. I bought this one from Maggards. This is a very light weight razor with no imperfections. Shaves great. $60usd.

One Semogue boar and one APShave boar. Both are marginally broken in but used very little. Brushes are only sold with a razor and are 5$ each on top of the price of the razor.

Feel free to PM with any questions.
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