SR wild find - DD Wonderedge

Discussion in 'General Straight Razor Talk' started by 4ckb, Jan 8, 2019.

    Found this in the wild today. I'm not a SR guy (DEs and injectors are my preferences currently) so I don't know much about this razor but recognized the brand and couldn't pass it up. It does not appear to have ever touched a stone/hone/strop. It is a 11/16, centers well although the pivot pin has a slight wiggle, and has a chip out of one scale (shown in the picture). If anyone has some info on this razor, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

    DSC_0047.JPG DSC_0049.JPG DSC_0050.JPG
  1. Great score! I have never used a SR but i have a few on the way....ADs never die. Anyway from my few weeks of research yours and satin edge DDs are like the most...i think. If you can swing it i think its worth restoring and trying as your first. Love the swirls on the top of the tang too.

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