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Prof. Moriarty

I'd like to find out more ... got a link?

My Kanger2 Squonker has an unusual mount for the coil.
Nothing else I have will fit it, except for the extra deck that was included in the Kanger package.

I have seen some tanks that are described as "Squonk-ready,"
but I don't know the name of that type of thread,
its not a 510 or a 710 or an e-Cig or anything else I've ever seen before.
Hadaly is pictured above. Here is a link to the Hadaly Psyclone Hadaly 22mm RDA
And here is a link to the Pulse Pulse BF RDA by Vandy Vape & Tony B. | 22mm Side-Mounted Kennedy Airflow

Just had a look at the RDA included with the Kanger 2 and if I am honest with you it looks rubbish.
Unsure what you mean by the highlighted bit. The thread on the RDA/RDTA will still be a 510 thread, it is just the pin inside the thread will be hollowed out so that you can squonk. If you are looking for squonk RDA you need to look for "squonk pin included" or "Bottom feeding (BF) pin included.

However the Hadaly is fantastic for flavour.

Lastly if you need any help with building, advice, whatever please feel free to start a thread or message me. I worked a year in the industry and should be able to help you. If I can't, I know people that will have the answer.
Hi Professor! Just found this section of the forum, hello to a fellow UK vaper and Hadaly fan!

I'd be really interested to know if you might be able to recommend any builds on the Hadaly that I can do with 26g SS?

I've got a Kanger Dripbox which is only 60w, and a CoV Tempest (200w), so obviously they take quite different builds. I've got good flavours in the past, but can't seem to re-create a really good build, probably because I don't understand the science of a good build! I can wick fine so I know it's not that...

Holy vapour clouds Batman, I'd forgotten this subforum existed!

G'day all!

I've been using a Hadaly/pico for the last several months with a 4.5 turn 3mm id 26g (~30W?) cotton build and don't seem to be able to put it down. A dozen other tanks and mods sit around unused now. It's so simple and reliable I don't even bother to carry a spare tank anymore.

Anyway, steam-engine is a good starting place. The Hadaly is a far size chamber but the vapour path is short and direct which contributes to the flavour. I tried a couple of small clapton builds and found them too hot; 26g SS is what I landed on because I could make a good mech build with it (Pico squeeze being direct, not VW).
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