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Spyderco SHARPMAKER?!? :eek: versus their HONES?

Okay, I have the triangle sharpmaker system with all the stones. I want to use it as my "hone". You know when you lay the triangles in the grooves at the bottom, it makes a make-shift, traditional whet stone? Here, let me snap a picture to illustrate...




Okay, if that gap between the two stones is going to mess with my results, what about CAREFULLY using only one, in an "X" pattern?

My main concern - are the UF, and Fine stones in this sharpmaker system the same as their SPYDERCO HONES? I mean as far as grit rating, and how they cut. I have all the stones with this kit, and I don't want to shell out the skribble for those WIDER hones, if that's all they are... Wider... Anybody know if they're any different, except for their stature? That's what I'm getting at.

Can I use my UF, F, M, and DMT (probably not the DMT, huh?) sharpmaker triangles for my str8 razors? (okay, Razor... singular... that I don't even have yet)
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Don't use both at once. Yes, you can use just one, but please buy a real hone and learn to hone properly before you end up giving your razors frowns.
I have the Sharpmaker. It's an excellent sharpener, especially for touch-ups. Looking at your photos, it is obvious that your ceramic rods need replacing. I would also like to humbly point out that those rode are in serious need of a good cleaning. They are way past the point of peak performance when they get that dark - The steel clogs the pores. To clean them, simply take some powdered cleaner (like Ajax) on a dishwashing pad (like a Dobie) and clean them. It only takes about 2 minutes. Be sure and let the dry before putting them back in the case.

Now, as to your original question regarding the grit of the SharpMaker stones:
UltraFine is 2000
Fine is 1200
Medium is 600

Regarding whether the gap between the stones will cause a problem or not, it won't. Obviously, you should slide the blade across the gap so that you polish the entire edge.
I should have written, "The Spyderco 2"x8" bench hones are rated by a Spyderco retailer as:"

It is noteworthy that Spyderco has not yet requested that Woodcraft remove or revise their estimate. I find the estimates done by Joel in the honing faqs to be very accurate to my own real world results, for the bench models; or even finer, in the UF case.

I find the Woodcraft rating to be far too low, even if on the USA "ANSI" scale.
Its not like grits are universally measured anyway.

But I agree, Joel's estimates are right on for me. Although, the UF leaves a much finer edge than a some other "finishing" stones/pastes.

edit: I'm sure Spyderco does not care what people rate their grits at. I think all they care about is that people realize that the UF is the highest and Medium the lowest. :lol: If they really cared, I'm sure they would advertise their own grit rating for all the world to see.
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