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FS Spring Cleaning Lot for Sale

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At one point not too long ago, I was approaching owning 100 shave soaps. Yeah, that's just a stupid amount--though I know that those here with more in their den might disagree. Though I still thoroughly enjoy my shaves, the novelty of trying every new artisan out there has worn very thin; I am now trying to keep my soaps at a more manageable 20-25. It's still a dumb amount of soap, but it's a start.
All of that said, I'm selling a good sized lot of stuff that made my last cut, but hasn't been used in months, so it too has to go. This is being sold as one lot. The price is $45 plus $15 for shipping in the USA via USPS Priority Mail.

The lot includes:
Nanny's Silly Soap Arabian Nights (Traditional base)
Lisa's Natural Herbal Creations Smoked Black Tea
Siliski Soaps Toasted Almond
The Sudsy Soapery Pink Peppermint (Limited)
Meissner Tremonia Lavender De Luxe Paste
These soaps have been used a maximum of five times. A couple have only been used twice.

Also included are Chatillon Lux Colonia Balsamica and Delor de Treget Post-Shave Salves. These have been used three or four times and are still 85-90% full. CL no longer makes these salves!

I'll also throw in an New/Unused Irisch Moos Deodorant Stick, a couple of Czech & Speake Edp samples, and a Siliski 1 oz sample which was placed in a tin and used twice. Just because I need the space, I'll also include three vintage razors (Wade and Butcher, Ever-Ready and Leresche!). They are all in less-than great condition, but hey, they are pretty much free.
Thanks for looking!

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