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Spray/atomizer cap for Thayer's

I finally heard back from them and the cap is a "24/415" whatever that means. I was guessing it'd be like standard threading--length, turns per inch, etc. I checked about 4 bulk container places and all I saw were caps sized 24/410 or 22/415. Can any of the experts who do this or a living clue me in on how the nomenclature works, the likelihood that either of the above sizes "working" on a Thayer's bottle, or even if it's something you could get through your suppliers? I know I'd pay almost anything for one of the damned things and I can't be the only one :smile:

Thanks in advance.
Yeah, SKS is one of the places I went to. They have a decent explanation of the sizing in the help section. The 24 is the diameter of the cap and the "415" is the "neck finish" which is a standard set by the glass and plastics industry. What it all means I've no idea.
Well, the only reason I want a sprayer only is to keep the original bottle with label. But I guess if all else fails it is an option.
I like the Thayers bottle too, but find it leaky. If you squeeze the bottle with the cap closed tight, air and potentially product leak out.

BTW, what are you all paying for Thayers? I got the Rose and Lavender alcohol free for $8.99 each at a local natural food store. I know that is list price, and that there are better deals online, but then there is shipping too.
It took multiple emails and over 2 weeks to get a simple answer from Thayer's on the cap size. Plus it doesn't make much sense ordering a cap/bottle online since shipping would be 95% of the cost. I'll source something locally if I can't get it as part of a bigger online order.

Ditto the above with Thayer's. I was going to hold off and get it from Classic Shaving along with some Feather aftershave and Rivivage soap but lucked into finding some at GNC. Forget about customer service. I called 3 GNCs and all of them said they didn't carry Thayers. Turns out 2 of them did. They had(Friday) a buy one get one 50% off sale so I got Rose and Lavender...~$13.49($8.99 + $4.50). Each was stamped with a $7.99 sticker so probably could have gotten it even cheaper.

By the way, both of mine leaked too.


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I don't know. A 12 ounce bottle is kind of big to use for a sprayer.

I decant mine into old, reused atomizers from Rik or Scotto. I do this with QED toners, as well.

The best part is having to restock the samples! :lol:
I've noticed the leaking as well. Next time I'm headed for the hardware store I'll try to remember to bring the cap and see if I can find an o-ring or other rubber gasket that'll fit. Already tried a garden hose washer - too large. Hey, it's worth a shot.
I put some Thayer's in an atomizer this morning and I swear I tried not breath when applying, but of course, inhaled some. Not pleasant.:thumbdown

Will return to splash method tomorrow morning.
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