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Splash For The Cooler Months

I recently watched a Mantic59 video where he used Lucky Tiger Aftershave and Face Tonic. I looked in to it and found it was a splash with no alcohol in it. I figured I would give it a go as it was pretty cheap for an 8oz bottle. I love alcohol based splashes but they leave my skin super dry in the winter, to the point that I can see little cracks 5 minutes after applying it. Up to this point I had only used balms in these cooler months because the alcohol based splashes were not an option. Balms work for me but I'm not too fond of how my skin feels after applying them. Even in smaller doses. I used the Lucky Tiger tonight and WOWSERS this stuff is great. It left my skin feeling wonderful. It's not as toning as Speick or Proraso splashes but it is a great winter alternative to the alcohol based splashes. Nice orange citrusy scent that disappears in less than a minute. It wasn't as moisturizing as a balm but it had enough that my skin isn't feeling dry at all. All in all I say try this stuff out if love splashes but can't use them in the cooler months.
Doug's Cavendish pipe tobacco scented aftershave tonic is great for these cool, dry days!
Just this morning, we woke up to 42 degrees and 40 pct humidity.


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Go to the drug store and buy a bottle of glycerin. Add a drop or two per ounce. It will make some of those alcohol splashes, more moisturizing.
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