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Just got my first razor without a rounded edge almost a week ago and i have to say i definately prefer a spiked point to a rounded maybe its because it makes it much easier to trim my thin chinstrap goatee combo or that under the nose and my nose hairs seem much easier to get to. At first i was apprehensive about shaving with anything other then a rounded point now i really have to say i prefer it which i think is strange because of all the negative reviews i hear about the spike points. Anyone else find that the rounded edges take away from the shave
Are you talking about a true, sharp up until the very bitter end of the 90 degree corner spike? Or are you simply talking about a squarepoint?

There is a big difference.
I like square point too. After finding out how much I liked a square toe, I figured I'd try a square heel. I like square heels better too!$DSCN0665.jpg
I like the way the spike points leave a red tracer line, makes it real easy to find the end of the razor. lol
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