Spicy, clove-heavy Bay Rums

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    What Bay Rums that you've tried do you consider to be either spicy or clove-heavy or both? List yours...

    1) Pinaud Virgin Island Bay Rum (cinnamon, allspice and clove)
    2) Olgallala Bay Rum Double Strength (reminds me of spicy egg nog)
  1. Ogallala Bay Rum. The regular one - I‘ve never tried double strength.
  2. Pinaud VIBR, Ogallala and Lustray. Lustray the mildest of the three, actually nice stuff. The first two mentioned are spice/clove bombs, love em' anyway.
  3. Geo F Trumper’s Bay Rum is very clove heavy.
  4. Cat o' nine tails! My favourite.

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  5. It's not really a bay rum, but if you like cloves, you may like Royall Spyce.
  6. sarimento1

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    you might try Taylor's bay rum!!

    mike's lavender art of shaving fether taylor of old bond street bay rum june 29 2018.jpg

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