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Spicy Chips!

Mike H

Moderator Emeritus
Had an opportunity to try Taco Bell Diablo chips. About as spicy at the Flamin Hot chips, but not as hot as Takis. The chips are thick and slightly sweet, and there is a hint of lime in the seasoning. I’d pick them up again if I get a chance.

What other spicy chips do you guys like?
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Fussy Evil Genius
One our friends was the publisher for Chile Pepper magazine (when there was one), and he brought us a number of mighty tasty, mighty spicy chips to try. I can't recall them all.

As it happens, though, my Dad dropped off a bag of Trader Joe's Ghost Pepper potato chips just yesterday. Very tasty! They are not nearly as spicy as one might think upon hearing "ghost pepper," but they have a decent kick and a good chili flavor.