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Speick Aftershave: Original Vs Active

I've never tried the original but I have the Active in the golone version INHO it's a beautiful clean citrus smell but only hangs around for a few hours the soap smells the same I really like both
The Active version reminds me of regular Speick mixed with Clubman Lime Sec. If that sounds remotely interesting you'll probably dig it.

It's nice, and I'll happily use it up, but the original is a forever product that I'll always have on hand. It has such a unique scent and I prefer it non-diluted.
Good question! Just purchased the original after loving the active for years. I think I still prefer the active but I will test the original further and assess!
I use both with the matching soaps, but I prefer the blue Speick Men (original) asl over the gray Active Men asl, performance and scent-wise (ymmv).
The original scent does not interfere with any EDT and cares better for MY skin.

On a side note: the Speick Men (original) asl version now gets marketed with a new navy blue packaging. However, the ingredients list of the new navy blue version is 100% the same compared to the former "light blue" version.

The whole product line of Speick Men (original) is navy blue now according to Speick's webpage.

Speick Men Active remains "gray".
Just tried the active cream vs the regular.

both are great but i like active better. smells more green and less blue. obviously i am terrible at describing scents.
Just tried the Active. I like it. Too early to tell if I like it better than the original, but for sure it's a nice change.
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