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Special 'Gillette'-case

Hello Gents

I have recently acquired this case which has a beautiful pattern and I should be able to clean it up a bit 👌🏼


Some of you maybe recognise the case from the 'Algonquin' model:

http://mr-razor.com/Rasierer/New Improved/1928 Algonquin.JPG

I have been informed elsewhere that 'Gillette' actually reused those cases at some point and sold it with a NEW common or thin bar Short Comb plated in nickel. Like those on the picture.

'The NEW' 1.jpg

I was wondering if anybody have heard about this set before or even have it in their collection?
That's a beautiful case, congratulations on your acquisition! I'll be interested to see if others can share additional information.
It's quite rare so I doubt that anyone will have further information, but I have been informed that this is how it got sold at the time.

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