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Special Care for thinning Hair

I have age related thinning hair. After experimenting with many products and haircuts, I've finally stumbled across the best way to get it to look the best and thickest it can get with this regimen:
1. Brush: As has been mentioned here, boar brush is a must. You can get the for as little as five bucks.
2. Cut: low side part, no. 5 clip on the sides 2.5 to 3 inch scissor cut layers on the top.
3: Product: I've tried many pastes, gels, tonics, you name it. Settled on TRESemme Mega Firm Control 5 Gel. The secret is how to use it. As follows.
4: I Towel dry my hair and let it air dry completely. Massage in a generous amount of product, about a full teaspoon throughout all hair. This amount of product is really wet. I then dry fully with a Conair 3 in 1 Ionic dryer with the Brush attachment. I'm going for a full pomp which will hide the top thinning because of the layers. As it dries it stiffens but is not glued feeling and when using a drier, it's not shiny. It looks like a thick hair dry pomp and stays all day, might finish it with some Rave spray on occasion.
Just buzz it in stages. I wore my hair over my ears for years, but hated products in my hair. I had to use a blow-dryer to straighten it out after showering to make it look good. 20+ years ago, I had surgeries on both shoulders, 18 mos apart. I couldn't hold a hair dryer and brush at the same time. The gal cutting my hair at the time, suggested a 5-4-3 fade, and it kept getting lower. By the time my shoulders were healed, I was going to a barber and getting a #2 all over, then 1.5, then #1. Since covid, I've been buzzing it myself, with a Mangroomer with under a #1 comb. I love it and my wife got used to it getting shorter over the years. If I ever go back to a barber, I'll have it shaved, a far cry from it being down to my shoulders in the early 70s.
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