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Special Birthday SOTD


Happy bday to me
Turn 60 , unreal

Good guy striving to finish my life dedicated to God
SR shave, # 25,,, amazing
Thiers Issard razor 6/8, ( Wolf and Sheep) finished on shubu mizu asagi, (top stone)
Amazing bbs, smooth and sharp

4th shave after finishing on stone
Simply amazing shave,,,
Worthy of my bday
Happy Birthday, youngster.
Lol, now I’m 60, plus one day,,Cheers blessings everyone, , needed your comments,,was just thinking I would love to touch up play with stones but ,,, resisting as SR edge is simply superb, next shave will 5th on edge
Plus cannot shave as I shave to close on bday,
Got to wait

Lol, love being called youngster,,I needed that
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