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Special Birthday SOTD


Birthday SOTD. M-4 Tech with a Charcoal Goods Copper Bishop. Want to make the Tech feel like a high zoot razor? Throw it onto a really nice handle. The Bishop is the perfect balance for this Tech. Shaved like a dream. Using 42 for my soap choice didn’t hurt. That stuff smells so good, and is very slick. Nice shave today. Happy holidays everyone!



Finished up the Birthday week of shaves. Still need to find an M-4 Starburst "Lady" Gillette if anyone has one. Been looking for years. Anyways, this will be the last birthday post I annoy you guys with until next December. Cheers!

Birthday Week Shave #3:
M-4 Slim on 9
B&M 42
Wolf Whiskers
Allman Splash

Birthday Week Shave #4:
M-4 Slim Twist / Knack
The Holy Black Ramone's Gin Fizz
Wolf Whiskers
Allman Splash

2020-12-31 10.55.42.jpg

2021-01-01 14.09.19.jpg

Blessed to see another year.

•Gillette A-1 birth year/quarter razor
•Wizamet (2)
•Brad Sears badger
•MDC Vetyver
•Oleo Jacmel splash
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