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Special Birthday SOTD


Stumpy in cold weather
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The title kind of says it all! If it's your birthday, post your SOTD here instead of the weekly thread.

Now, don't just post any old SOTD. You know and I know, and they all know, that your birthday is a special day, and you will (not "might" ... WILL) treat yourself to something special. (If SWMBO allows you to have something that expensive! :w00t:)

And by all means, if Aqua Velva and Williams Mug is what floats your boar-brush boat, then fly at 'er ... but I'm kind of hoping for some serious razor porn, soap and cream porn, aftershave porn ... well, you get the idea.

So ... who's birthday is it, anyhow? :biggrin:


Moderator Emeritus
My birthday is in March, but I like to plan ahead. :wink:
Great idea Ian. Now let's see some great birthday SOTD's.

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What a most excellent idea! Hell, it's almost the All-Star break: I nominate it for Thread-of-the-Year!!

I promise to post mine, on the appropriate day.

Smooth shaving!
I usually don't come in this forum very often, but I'm glad I did today. My birthday is this Friday, but an early birthday present showed up in my mailbox today. A shiny new Merkur 39C Barber Pole Slant Bar from Lee's Safety Razors. I was amazed, I just ordered it this past Friday morning hoping to get it in time to use for my birthday and it arrived today. I can't wait to shave with it!
My Birthday was Yesterday and I didn't shave, but I am this evening before going out for dinner to a local and fantastic Italian place.

French green clay mask
45 minutes in the tub with a good book
Full kyles Prep
SCS New Spice shower gel
Aristocrat w/crystal
Simpson CH1 Best
TGQ Lavender Soap
SCS Lavender ASM
Penhaligon's LP#9

No picture I'm afraid camera batteries are dead but I will tyr and remember to stick one up when they come out of the charger.
I had my birthday shave this morning. I got my barberpole slant a couple of days ago and thought I had a good feel for it. Yesterday I got cocky and put a corked Feather in there, and the Feather did what it always does, whether in a Futur, HD, or now a slant. It tore me up, I got all the exact same nicks and weepers and irritation in all the exact same spots the I always get with a Feather, regardless of razor. So todays shave had to be scaled back to single pass with minor touch up to try and allow my skin to heal some. No razor porn today unfortunately.

My setup for today
Merkur Futur chrome razor and matching silvertip brush
Crystal blade
Nancy Boy replenishing shave cream
Nancy Boy replenishing after shave balm

Even with only a single pass with the grain I got a decent presentable shave.
Haven't been on in a few days - my birthday was the seventh...

Slanthammer 39c with a Feather blade
Trumper's sandalwood soap
Rooney Heritage Stubby 2
Thayer's lavender


Stumpy in cold weather
Moderator Emeritus
I gave my #4 ... http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php?t=34006&highlight=zowada ... it's innagural shave. (Mine had the scales replaced with lacewood, like in the stock photo from Classicshaving, bleow.) I've been saving it for just this occasion. TOBS St James, Vulfix 377, the usual suspects rounded up. (Turns out the Zowada will need a bit of work on the hones, but hey, what a great razor!)
24 years old today

Beverage: Matcha w/ Wildflower Honey
Music: Ghostbuster's Soundtrack

EJ Super Medium
TOBS Almond
5/8 Heljestrand Oblique Point
Homemade Bay Rum AS
Creed Tabarome EdT (Regular, not vintage)

cheers all


Moderator Emeritus
Merkur HD Slant
Wilkinson Classic Blade
Shavemac 23mm custom
QED Special 218 soap
Thayer's Superhazel splash
B&B Cologne
My birthday was 8/23. I was going to go with something fancy, but it was a hot day, and it was steamy, so I made a last minute switch to Proraso. Super slick, and the menthol felt great.

Hot Shower
C&E Super Badger Brush
Proraso Cream
'69 Fatboy with a fresh Feather
Nivea Energy ASB
Hugo Boss
Today is my 33rd birthday.

Pre-Shave - Proraso Pre-Post
Razor - TI 5/8 Bijou de France + Gillette #66 Aristocrat
Super Lather - Penhaligon's English Fern + Palmolive European
AS - Aqua Velva Ice Blue

Two passes with near BBS results. Great shave on my birthday!


Here is my 18th birthday SOTD.

Now I'm off to buy some cigars, porn, and lottery tickets :biggrin:
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So here's what I treated myself this morning.
Now that I am forty-ei..ur ah twenty one I'm going to enjoy a nice Padron 64 tonight after football practice of course.

Yesterday's birthday shave consisted of the following:

Merkur Classic - Red Pack Personna
C&E Best Badger Brush
Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet Shave Cream
Aqua Velva
Penhaligon's Endymion EdT
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