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Speaking of Reviews...

Is there a reason we don't have a "Review" section on "places" to purchase products? For example my recent ClassicShaving.com order came with some REMARKABLE customer service. It could potentially help others decide WHERE to order items if they have multiple choices on where to get them from... Just a thought... :cool:
I like this idea. Lets try to keep it pretty specific. For example, the Men's grooming section at the Galleria in Dallas sucks, but at Stonebriar in Frisco it is great. IE, lets not just say "Norstroms"
I do my shopping on-line, and all of the on-line vendors have been great. They pretty much depend on word of mouth, so they're highly motivated to provide great service---plus they're small businesses, and plus they really seem to care. I have links to them all in my blogroll, and any of them do a fine job.
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