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Spartacus Dreadnaught North American Availability?

Hello B&B,

This is my first post here at B&B and I first wanted to say "Hi!". Also, a huge thank you to the many gentleman contributors/up-keepers/owner of this fine site.

I feel that, because of all of you, I am now armed with enough knowledge to hold a sharp blade up to my neck at π/6 radians (my sick sense of humour :lol: ); however, I seem to be having some trouble locating the straight razor I've settled on, the Thiers Issard Spartacus Dreadnought. It seems to be only available at the Thiers-Issard store for about $440 Canadian.

My question is, does anyone know of another store that stocks such a historic piece of steel for a lesser price or that's located in North America? I'm even open to ideas of the vintage one with the gold inlay/engraving (not quite sure what it is exactly). Used is also an option I'm open to. Happily, I'm down to my last two Mach razors so timing is somewhat of the essence in my case as well.

Thank you gentleman,
SoPHIsticated Math Addict
I'm not quite sure, global_dev. I've seen it on Fendrihan, an American website which is recommended highly through B&B (forget the name at this moment) and a few others I was passing through. Although, they could have came from a single stores stock. Interesting enough to check into though, thanks!
The TI Spartacus is a new production razor. They've made spartacus in the past but I'm not sure what you mean by historic. If you're looking for the "Spartacus" in the dreadnaught shape I'm afraid the UK TI site is probably going to be your only option. TI is notorious for not being able to meet demand, and the UK store seems to get most of the goodies. Furthermore, if I'm not mistaken the Dreadnaught is specific to that site as well.

If this is going to be your first straight razor I would personally recommend against spending upwards of $400 for your first razor, but I can certainly understanding wanting to get something that excites you
I know that a few months ago Royal Shave had at least one Spartacus dreadnought, so I wouldn't necessarily say they're site specific. I'd just keep an eye on any Thiers-Issard retailers.
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