Spanish chorizo help please

Discussion in 'The Mess Hall' started by natenaaron, Jan 6, 2019.

    anyone know of a source I can order good Spanish Chorizo from? There is none local.

    Looking to make a good paella so need good ingredients.
  1. Ad Astra

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    Hm, there are different kinds ... we South Floridians (Cuban) like Spanish-style dry chorizo, but Mexican aficianados like a whole different wet, must-be-refrigerated kind. It's more hamburger-y.

    Guessing you need Spanish-style. Luckily, no refrigeration needed / can be mailed.

  2. Then there is Portuguese chorizo. I believe there are two different types of Spainish chorizo one is similar to the Portuguese variety.
  3. martym

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  4. Not sure what stores are near you, but I get mine at The Fresh Market.
  5. I still have to try the original paella valenciana from this thread -- which does not use chorizo (though I love it personally).

    Valencian Paella Guide
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    I would think if any city had it, it would be NYC. They have everything (except for good sweet tea :) )
  7. Best chorizo is from el Bierzo(León), anyway you don't need any sausage to coock (ops spelling) paella. I beg you, please don't do it :001_rolle
  8. Why not?
  9. oc_in_fw

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    There are always purists. They don’t always realize that when immigrants come to America, they sometimes alter their recipes to fit what is available and acceptable to the American market. For example- pizza in this country barely resembles Italian pizza.
  10. Living in the place where tradicional paella is made, is sounds (and surely tastes) awkward to me. But you're free to experiment, paella is made in many ways even here.

    As an anecdote, this past year a well-known rice producer company from Valencia (DACSA), two days before our april fool's, that we call "día de los santos inocentes", made a joke in twitter, advertising a new product, CHORIZO especial para paella ( Arroz Dacsa on Twitter )


    You're right, I had a knee-jerk reaction. Even here in the Comunidad Valenciana, the way of making paella varies from province to province, from town to town, even from house to house. We have also different kinds of paella for every season depending on the availability of ingredients. There're who prefers paella with seafood, others with meat, mixed seafood & meat, or only vegan.
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    Nah, it wasn’t knee jerk. I know where you’re coming from. When you come from a place known for a dish, you kind of hate to see it messed with. Natural reaction.

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