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Southern Witchcraft's Boonana

Eben Stone

Staff member
Surprised no one has mentioned it yet. Anyone tried it? I read the description, and I plan to order some samplers, but still curious to know more about the scent.

I’m curious about this one as well. SW soaps are among my faves but I’m not sure I’d want a whole tub of banana soap but, they’ll probably “spice” it up with other intriguing scents in true SW fashion.
Just used a sample of Boonana this morning and was very surprised by it. It is banana forward yet not over powering. You get more of a nice masculine boozy spice aroma with it. I was not expecting to like it as much as I do. I will be buying the soap/splash and its available.

I actually did a review video on it this morning lol...
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