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South Carolina Shave Shops

Hey guys,
I'm supposed to be heading to SC and NC soon and I was wondering if anyone knows of anyplace or recommendations that I should hit for shave software or hardware.
Here in Charleston we have an Art Of Shaving and a L'Occitane right next door to each other, but that's about it as far as I know.
Yes sir. Very nice stuff. I'll be north of you. Myrtle way. How far are you as my sample has run dry.
I'm a solid hour south. I don't know of any retailers in Myrtle Beach, but that would certainly be the place if SC is going to have some.
I will warn you about the AoS in Charleston here too, I did not enjoy my experience there. If you go, your best bet might be to tell the salesperson to leave you be, and you'll deal with them when you are ready.

L'Occitane I went into just Sunday for the first time, it seemed like a nice place but I did not look around. I had ordered a Plisson Brush and picked it up, left immediately.

I believe racebmx is correct, I do not know of any other pharmacy or store where you can get wet shaving products here in Charleston.
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