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Is it just me or is there not a current weeks SOTD?
It is not just you. People have been using the wrong ones all day. Ron Weston does not seem to have created a thread, I hope he is OK.
My SOTD (30 July 2020):

Razor: Viking Chieftain
Brush: Omega 11126
Blade: Feather (Blade #8) Shave #2 2 Passes: (WTG / ATG) buffing A/R
Soap: Van der Hagen deluxe Using rain water and Campbell’s soup container.
A / S: Old Spice Classic


iKon ShaveCraft Tek with an Astra Green with 2 prior uses.
Simpson E2 and Prorarso tub in a timeless bowl.
Barrister & Mann Seville splash. Shave was a little rough so followed up with Pacific shaving nick stick in one spot, WH & moisturizer an hour or so later.
6/10. WTG, XTG, ATG on face. WTG, XTG on neck.
Great shave with the Tek yesterday on two days growth. Wanted to try it again today to test it as a daily driver. I think I prefer mild razors but I'm experimenting a lot and do like the Tek. Unlike yesterday had a couple of weepers and the slightest nick. Very slight irritation on my typical trouble spot on the neck. Decent lather with the proraso but still getting the hang of the E2. Overall very happy with the closeness and I think my technique is improving a lot over the past couple of months.
Razor Blackland Blackbird
Blade Gillette Nacet
Brush Simpsons 58 Best
Soap Murphy & McNeil Old Sport Kodiak Base
Aftershave Fine Platinum

I appreciate tulsamanny lending me his Blackbird To try. I don’t know if I should thank him or curse him. He has just cost me more money.
Today's shave 10 Aug 2020:

Razor: Viking Chieftain
Brush: Omega 11126
Blade: Gillette 7 O’clock Green
Soap: Van der Hagen deluxe
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