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SOTD Tabula Gratulatoria - September 2011

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SOTD Tabula Gratulatoria - September 2011

I'll kick of this month's thread with these wonderful picture. Kudos to Marco for this week's theme - a chance to remember those slain on 9/11/01.

I got several PMs in the last two months by B&B members asking me to run a US themed week. I didn't forget. I intentionally wanted to run it during this week, in order to honour the victims of September 11th 2001. And I'm sure my American mates will show all their pride for their great country. My heart will certainly be with them, also because there is something of American in me, too. I've never mentioned this before here on B&B, but when I was a little boy I really lived in the United States for four years. My father was an MP (Italian Military Police Officer) in the Italian Embassy in Washington D.C. and my family lived in Maryland. I still have a photo of us on the top of the Twin Towers, beside my bed. The best way to remember will be to show all our love for the USA with the finest American made shaving stuff. Unfortunately, at the moment I do not have any, but will surely enjoy yours.


9/16 Vintage Tuckmar Welt Ruf, Full Hollow Ground, Round Point
Imperial Shave Pegasus III Strop
Simpson Duke 3 Best
Art of Shaving Sandalwood Soap
Alum Block
Spanish Floid Mentolado Suave
Dior Fahrenheit EdT


Monday, 5.Sept.2011

Predopobarba Proraso
T&H Large Silvertip (Rooney 1/3)
KMF Lavender & Shea
Edwin Jagger DE86
Shark Super Stainless
Thayers Witch Hazel Lavender
Floïd Blue ASL


Gillette SS Blue Tip
with Gillette Blue
Bock 21er Silvertip
Wilkinson SC
Ralph Lauren Polo Sport AS

Have a nice Day! :001_smile


Canica Superbadger 26mm l Progress l Iridium l Acca Kappa l Myrsol Antesol


Crema Vitos Professionale // Shavemac D01 2 Bands // Aristocrat 21 // Thayers // Locion La Toja Manantiales



Ikea Bowl
Semogue Caravela
Fat Handled Gillette Tech (USA) with Red Personna

Edwin Jagger Premium Shaving Cream, Sandalwood
T&H Sandalwood Aftershave Balm

Have a nice day, Gentlemen :001_smile



Pre-Shave: Hot shower
Brush: 26mm Saville Row 3326 Silvertip Badger
Maxtom: 15/16" Max Sprecher, 1/4 Hollow Ground, French Point (w/ Makume Gane scales)
Strop: 20/45/45 (Neil Miller Linen / Imperial Horsehide leather / Imperial Cordovan leather)
Überlather: Martin de Candre Shave Soap
Toner: Thayer's Witch Hazel (Lavender, no alcohol)
After Shave Splash: Floïd Italian Amber AS
Moisturizer: Martin de Candre Oil of Copra
Cologne: Martin de Candre "Lavende" EdT
Results: What an incredible shave. Four plus days of uncontrolled growth wiped away with pretty much one of a handful of razors that could live up to the challenge, i.e., the Maxtom. The Martin de Candre needs no introduction to this audience. It provided a luxuriously rich lather, resulting in the "perfect" prep. The end result left me feeling like a million bucks


Have a WONDERFUL Monday gentlemen
. For those of us in the USA who are celebrating Labor Day Holiday, may you have a SAFE & RELAXING day.

This morning:

- Grandpa's Pine Tar Wonder Soap
- Alt Innsbruck Pre- & After Shave
- Chicman Savon Crème pour la Barbe
- Rooney Style 1 small Silvertip
- Mühle Gut-Rasiert Edition 2009 with Bolzano Superinox (1)
- O Melhor After Shava Bálsamo

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Tuesday's Shave;

Mitchell's Wool Fat
Gillette Super Speed
Max Sunrise


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Bukhave Bowl
Semogue 2009 LE
Rotbart Mond-Expert with Derby Extra
(this NIB Rotbart was very kindly offered to me by Oberloser)

QCS Cayman Shaving Cream
Ogallalla Bay Rum & Sandalwood After Shave

Have a nice day, Gentlemen :001_smile


Fantastic shot, Soren!:thumbup1: Erwin is a true gentleman!:thumbup1:
Palmolive - Semogue 1520 - Torrey Our 136 - Floid Blue


I honed this razor late last night after it came back from Tim yesterday morning. I decided on this razor for today as I felt it would be easier (read into this 'quicker') than rehoning the Krauss that still needs a bit of honing.

It gave me possibly my most satisfying shave with a straight razor to date. 3 passes, BBS and no irritation. It's very satisfying getting such a nice shave from a razor I honed myself.

Great shave and shot, Keith!:thumbup1: In fact, it looks like you had an incredible one!:thumbup1:
Pre-Shave: Hot shower
Brush: 30mm Morris & Forndran Blonde Badger
Razor: 13/16" Toyo "Special Razor" w/ Swedish Assab Steel, Full Hollow Ground, Spike Point
Strop: 25/40/50 (Neil Miller Linen / Imperial Horsehide leather / Imperial Cordovan leather)
Soap: D.R. Harris "Arlington" Shave Soap
Toner: Thayer's Witch Hazel (Lavender, no alcohol)
Moisturizer: D.R. Harris "Arlington" AS Milk
After Shave Splash: D.R. Harris "Arlington" AS
Results: I opted for the Toyo Special Razor today. Max: this one's coming your way to try out (with a couple of projects). The quality of the software afforded by the Arlington line was simply superb. Who could ask for anything more? The Toyo just wiped the face clean in literally 2 passes and a minor, effortless ATG pass. As our colleague "1OldGI" likes to say: I am ready to display myself in public again


Have a FABULOUS Tuesday gentlemen

Now that's what I love to see, Robert. Arlington:001_wub::001_wub: Couldn't imagine a nicer shave!:thumbup1:
How's the R41 coming along, David? Should have had a close shave this morning, possibly in more ways than one!!:lol: Great shot!!:thumbup1:

Thanks David. The razor is coming along nicely (sadly, one small weeper this morning) but it is somewhat more aggressive than my other DEs and I'm quite happy with it already.
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