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SOTD - “Supporting Vendor Week - “Gifts & Care” May 23rd to, 2022 to May 29th, 2022

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Sunday evening shave, May 29, 2022 -- MWF May

Razor: Henson Medium DE / Israeli Personna Super Platinum (2)
Brush: JR #267 burled maple with Omega Pro 49 boar knot
Soap: MWF
Post: alum, cold water rinse, Portland General Store Black Willow Bark Toner

The IP blade works very well in the Henson Medium DE. On its second outing, it mowed down three or so days of stubble with two passes. Near BBS. The alum stung a bit in a couple places, but no nicks, blood or visible razor burn. Overall a DFS.

Blackland Tradere OC
Sterling Executive Man
Omega Boar

Fabulous - 10/10 - Happy Memorial Day!
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