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💈🪒 SOTD - “Size Matters” Theme Week - January 30th, 2023 to February 5th, 2023 💈🪒

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Hello again my B&B Friends!

This week’s SOTD Theme is “Size Matters”.

For this week, let’s see the abnormally large and strangely small shaving items that you own!

Small: We want to see your small soap samples or shaving sticks, travel razors, tiny aftershave and fragrance bottles and wee little brushes. If you use a thimble as a shaving bowl, we need to see it!

Large: Alternatively, do you own a 40mm brush that could hold enough later to shave a yeti or do you shave daily with a kilo slab of Cella? Is your razor handle reminiscent of a broom handle or do you buy your aftershave or cologne by the litre or gallon? Show us!

Nothing themed? Please still post a pic of your usual shaving setups and/or tell us all about it.

As always, the weekly themes are just a suggestion. We encourage you to post or shoot photos of your Shave Gear of the Day regardless of the theme as sticking with the theme is NOT mandatory but encouraged.

Let’s see lots of small and large shaving gear pics this week!

Here’s an example of a “mini” shave I had last week. Excuse the little hockey dudes as it was for last week’s sports themed SOTD…


Menthol Monday SOTD

Razor: Karve D O/C
Blade: Super Iridium (D1)
Brush: Simpson Trafalgar T3 Synthetic
Bowl: Doug Smith 5"
Pre-Shave Scrub: SheaMoisture African Black Soap
Pre-Shave Balm: GroomingDept Eucalyptus & Spearmint
Shave Soap: Nobel Otter Orbit
Butter: Saponificio Varesino Puro Burro di Karitè
Aftershave: Nobel Otter Orbit

Prep: Country Life Tallow/Lanolin/Glycerin Soap, Myrsol Emulsion
Brush: Tony Forsyth P&C LE 2017 Platypus High Mountain White Badger
Soap: Shaver Heaven Arctic Mango
Razor: Gillette Black Beauty
Blade: Vintage NOS Gillette Spoiler (7)
Post: Thayers Cucumber Witch Hazel, Cella Aftershave Lotion
Scent: Boellis Panama 1924 EdT

Shaver Heaven Arctic Mango is perfect for the hot Australian summer. Such a great soap and scent.


Check Out Chick
Staff member

1) Italy: Brush Omega 10777.
2) Italy: Shaving Soap Proraso White Tub.
3) England: Razor Gillette Flat Bottom New.
4) India: Razor Blade Gillette 7 O’clock Black.
5) France: Alum Block Osma.
6) Germany: Aftershave Balm Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm.
7) Spain: EDT Nautica Classic Cologne.
Mon 30
Soap & Aftershave Yaqi Hypnotic Blue
Brush Yaqi 24mm Arctic Sky Deep Blue
Razor Yaqi DLC
Blade Gillette 7 O'clock Super Platinum 1st
Nice soap for good lather and scent qualities augmented by the matching splash.
The shave with this razor paired with the blade was very audible on each of the 3 passes. Smooth enough for a bbs-dfs finish...
Pre-shave: Jack Black Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser /King C Gillette Transparent Shave Gel
Razor: Gillette Black Handle SuperSpeed
Blade: Asco Platinum
Brush: DaVinci 293
Soap: TOBS Lavender
Aftershave: Alum/Humphrey’s Lilac Witch Hazel/Pinaud Clubman
Balm: Anthony All Purpose Facial Moisturizer
Shave of Day.jpg

Face wash with Neutrogena Liquid Face Soap
Martin de Candre
Graydog Syntetic
Captain’s Choice Copper
Feather AS-D2
Thayers WH & Every Man Jack ASB
Jimmy Choo Man Intense
The start of another week and I am continuing to use MdC. This is the 9th shave with this soap. Today’s brush Graydog Synthetic. This brush is dense and feels great on my face. It is soft but it easily loads soap. It is the third day with the Feather/Feather combo and the result was another close, smooth, and comfortable shave. Have a great day and week, folks.
Go Big or Go Home!

Today's shave is dedicated to some beastly shave gear.

The Sloc'ed R41 is a beast of a razor. Abnormally large blade exposure! :) For me, it always feels like it is on the edge of danger. Like its going to bite at any second. This effect is somewhat muffled by the Sloc top cap, but not completely. It is the best first pass in the business. I can get better overall results with other razors, but not just with the first pass. The Weber Classic used to be my favorite handle until I discovered the joy of artisan razors. It still feels great in the hand. Perfect fit for the R41.

The B&M Four Horsemen line, and especially the "War" variety, has abnormally HUGE stench. Smells like a diesel mechanic's overalls after a long day. That, and maybe mixed with the scent of burning flesh. But I love it! Layer it on top of some Death Balm, and the overall scent is a winner for me. The lather from the Death Soap is huge as well! Gotta love Omnibus.

And the Paladin Butterscotch Beehive makes huge lather! This is one a few badgers that can lather up Omnibus like a beast.

Great shave today!

2023-01-30 09.48.54.jpg
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