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Discussion in 'The Cafe'' started by ouch, Sep 25, 2008.

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    I figure this title will be more annoying to those already perplexed by the numerous pu'er threads floating around. If you'd like, I can always change it to "Tea time with Toodlepip". :001_rolle

    '07 Xi Zhi Hao 8582
    6g, 140ml yixing- 15s, 15s, 25s, 40s, 50s, that's all, folks.

    This was very nice, and better than the XZH dragon and phoenix I have. Their take on a classic recipe results in something completely different from the other 8582's I've tried. It's by no means a high end sheng, but it was delightful while it lasted, which was not all that long. I don't think this is one to hide away for a decade, but it's very approachable now.

    Who's next?
  2. 2006 12 Gentlemen Da Ba Hao

    100ml Gaiwan 8g

    10s, 15s, 15s, 25s, 40s, 60s, Picking this up at breakfast, the tea is not done with me.

    First 3 or 4 gaiwan fulls were rather too on the bitter side but that is possibly mainly due to me breaking up a lot of the leaves in frustration at not being able to find my tuocha pick [in a guitar case of al places!!!]

    Nice tea but not as good as the 12 gent 2006 yiwu that I also have sampled.
  3. ouch

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    I knew you'd provide the first response. :lol:

    8g in a 100ml gaiwan? You're a tuffguy!

    When I can't find my tuo pick, I use this.
  4. Of course I'm 1st... I have my emails on my mobile alerting me... either that or the red/tea phone was flashing!!!

    the 8g was kind of excessive yes, maybe less leaves next time, but I wanted to try the hobbes uberleaves method of gong fu cha.

    This thread is so going to render a lot of newbs supremely confuzzled
  5. Scotto

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    2007 Spring Yiwu Arbor Mao Cha from puerh shop.

    120mL gaiwan, about 1/2 filled with dry leaves. One rinse, then a few seconds each infusion.

    Sweet, simple, boring. This is one of my work maochas; I am not looking for deep, intellectual brews there, just something simple and warming. I wouldn't buy more of this, however- it is overpriced.

  6. Please explain what those numbers mean for us newbies
  7. Steep times in seconds, lots of good quality tea in a small pot can give 10 or 20 infusions.

    English style brewing goes something like 3gr of tea, 1 litre pot, 3mins brewing time and one brew of the leaf.

    Chinese style is more like 5gr tea, 120ml pot, brewing times 5s, 3s, 5s, 5s, 8s, 10s ......... up to 12 hr brews which are a nice wake up for the morning.

    Tiny pots, lots of tea, lots of steeps. A little like trying to shave with one pass and cheap throwaway or stretching out a shave over 4 or so passes with some quality equipment and enjoying it.
  8. Thanks for the info Gary
  9. ouch

    ouch Moderator Emeritus

    I understand that Hobbes is in the process of breaking in his new teapot, which holds a single leaf. :001_rolle
  10. I had a random new sheng from, I think, pu-erh shop today along with some divine roasted tie guan yin.

    I realised I'm paying more attention to the ludicrous amount of pu-erh info out there than I am to the pu-erh these days. The solution has been twenty or so zip lock bags with just young sheng, no info, in them. I pick a bag at random when I have a want for pu-erh. Hopefully I'll come back from this venture in a few months with a much better pu-palette.
  11. Suzuki

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    I had some '08 Menghai 8582.

    Don't know the size of my pot - a trip will be made to Chinatown this weekend to get a gaiwan , but I used approximately 1/4 of a potful of leaves.

    A very nice, bright, slightly sweet, smooth straightforward tea that I would buy a cake or two of as a good work tea - at about $10 for a cake its good value for the money for a basic sheng.
  12. Great thread!

    I love the 2007 8582. Tasty. I grabbed a tong of it, and absolutely refuse to pay $145 for last year's tea.


  13. Big numbers there! I suspect that's where the bitterness is coming from. You might want to try with a little less than 8g, and definitely start all your teas with a flash in-and-out brewing. 10s then 15s is going to make it taste rather hardcore. :)

    I tend to do instant (i.e., 0s) infusions to start with, and then start lengthening the infusions (usually on the 3rd or 4th infusion) when it feels like it needs a bit more punch.

    I've not tried that Dabaihao, the photos are pretty. :)


  14. Good thinking, I like these "everyday" maocha for the office. Simple, low-maintenance, sweet and fresh. I've tried taking better teas to my workplace, and I just don't appreciate them there.

    Conversely, I've had some teas that were really average at the home tea-table, but which turned out to be pretty smooth when brewed longer, with less attention, at the office.

    I like this approach! It's always good to turn the volume down on all that pu'er "knowledge" and just get to grips with the tea yourself. I applaud you, m'lud!

    On my "to do" list is to get more acquainted with this year's Menghai recipes. They say the quality has picked up since the "wilderness years" of 2005-2006; do you think that's the case?

    I like the Menghai recipes, because their prices are pretty much set in stone. No unethical vendor is going to start charging > $100 for a standard Menghai recipe just because everyone knows their real worth. Wouldn't it be nice if that were the case for all cakes? :)


  15. P.s. I forgot to answer the point of the post: it's a 2008 Xiaguan "Hongloumeng" tuocha for me, this morning. While not an FT release (it's "Big G"), it's not bad. The entire tuocha costs exactly the same as a pint of beer. Zesty!

    Now I'm in my office, and am finding a certain thickness in the body that I didn't see at home. It's not bad at all.

    YS photos until mine get out of the camera:



  16. This evening I will be drinking 12 Gentlemen Yiwu and I will substantially reduce leaves and brew times.

    I'll report back when I'm on with the tea session/
  17. Scotto

    Scotto Moderator Emeritus

    At work this AM. 2007 Xi Zi Hao Dragon & Phoenix

    100mL gaiwan, 7g leaf, one rinse
    I don't really measure steep times, but they are a few breaths

    I think I could tell a XZH tea by its aroma alone, it is distinctive. Sweet mushroom, delicate, one-dimensional. The lid scent is wet tobacco and grass. I much prefer the 8582 from the same year.
  18. Bamboo wrapped Yuole - 2008

    4g Leaves, 100ml Gaiwan

    0s 0s 5s 7s 10s 12s 14s then I stopped counting.

    I took this this afternoon over the yiwu, and I can tell you reducing my leaves and steep times this tea is not as bad as I 1st thought, Decent amount of sweetness compared to last time and the bitter note has reduced greatly. Still not super, but easy to drink while job hunting.
  19. ouch

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    Despite my two week broken foot setback, I've resumed running, and should still be on track for my thousand mile goal for the year. This calls for increased hydration, and Gatorade is for weenies.

    '05 Menghai 7542
    ~5g, 130ml yixing, 10s, 10s, 20s, 35s, 50s, 90s
    Steady Freddy. This was my very first bing, and I based the purchase on fame of recipe and age of cake :)w00t: I know, it was a whopping three years old :lol:).
    Faint wisps of tobacco, penetrating bitterness, mounting sweetness. Overpriced at this point in time, but an old favorite, at least as a learning experience.
  20. I can't believe that I've had this cake for a year and only tried it once. Thanks for the reminder! My original notes weren't too complimentary - heaven knows why I bought it... :)

    I'm watching the postbox, eagerly!

    Sweet with tobacco sounds like a very decent 7542 - where did you buy this one? :)



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