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SOTD September 18 - September 24

Trumper Warwick Handled DE Razor
Vulfix 2235 Silvertip
Trumper Limes Cream
Alum Block
Trumper Limes Skin Food
Acqua di Parma Cologne
EJ Best Badger
Merkur HD with Swedish Gillette N-S 2*E-W
Castle & Forbes Pre Shave Oil
Castle & Forbes Lavendel Oil Shaving Cream
Alum Block
Taylors A/S Balm

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Merkur 34c HD
Rotbart Blade
No-name Replacement Brush (May be badger ??)
Erasmic Sticksoap

Had to use a no-name cheap brush since my Muehle is going back to producer for a fix up.. Darn thing is shedding like h"#&%. I will need more brushes.. But a nice shave anyways..
SMF I Shave Brush
Merkur Classic with Feather DE blade
Proraso Shaving Cream

Truefitt and Hill 1805 Cologne
Prorase pre-shave in the shower
Coates Tea Tree creme
Alum block
Thayer's Rose Witch Hazel
Trumpers Coral Skin Food

N/S pass only
Oooohh.... Moderator vs Personality Czar... who will win the SOTD Battle Royal?!

Leeeeeeeets get reaaaaaaady to reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppplllllllyyyyyyy!!!!

Herbal Essences Shampoo (Rosemary, Jasmine and orange flavor)
Savon de Marseille palmoil based soap

Merkur Classic Long Handle w/ Derby Extra (day 5) -- switched to Sharp blade after first pass
EJ Best Badger
Roger & Gallet's shaving soap
Nivea Extra Mild AS balm
SOFRI Cool Concentrated Moisturizing balm

Tommy Hilfiger Freedom Eau De Toillette

An enjoyable shave but now I know for sure that my Derby's will only be used for 4 days. The 5th shave was pulling a bit. I then switched over to a new Sharp blade but the pulling remained. I will try the same blade tomorrow and if necessary another one, but I'm not really experiencing the smoothness the other shavers are experiencing. I'll report again tomorrow. :001_smile
TOOBS Lavender&HBS Oceania
Little Sunshine
1959 Fatboy w/ Feather
Purpose A/s

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Savile Row badger
Gillette adjustable
Olivia Bay Rum shaving cream
St-Ives Intensive Relief moisturizer
Yves Saint-Laurent Pour Homme edt

Shower: C&E sandalwood body wash, Nancy Boy shampoo, conditioner, and face wash

Schick Injector with Schick blade
Rooney super
Salter Indian Sandalwood
Em's "balancing" AS splash
D.R. Harris aftershaving Milk

Floris Sandalwood EdT
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It's been a long learning curve- all delightfull of course.
But this Morning's shave was surprise - when I rubbed on the Baxters ASB- a smooth face- everywhere - under the chin and along the jaw..I couldn't believe it.

Merkur Progress - finally figured out the settings.(crank it all the way then back off) with a Derby blade.
Coral skin food - before ech pass of the lather.
Mr.Taylors shave cream sampler from Scotto- great lather.
Silvertip Badger brush - travel type (I was at the gym)
QED DaVinci water.
Baxters ASB and

Pinau Clubman A/S - wow

I have'nt felt my face this smooth for 35 years..
Monday. Great start to the day and a great shave.

Merkur HD w/ Fresh Derby
Proraso Omega Brush
Proraso Pre/Post - Pre
Proraso Cream - Green Tube
Proraso Pre/Post - Post
Proraso ASB

Gotta a small theme working there....:biggrin:
Tech razor w/ Feather blade
Omega Elegant brush
AOS Sandalwood SC
Thayer Rose
C&M Sandalwood ASG
SCS Sandalwood EDT

A Sandalwood day, inspired by Scotto's Sandalwood week.
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