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SOTD post move to Georgia

My company moved me from AZ to GA. During the move, I ended up spending 17 days in a hotel and only had a Fusion and Barbasol. They work fine for me, but I was excited to unpack my razors and soaps. Turns out that my razors and soap were in one of the last boxes in the bathroom, so I had to unpack almost everything to get to them (I bet my wife did that on purpose).

Anyway, I found some of it last night and enjoyed a great shave this morning.

Gillette Fatboy Razor
Persona lab blue blade
Dr. Jon's 1803 soap
Alluminati Synthetic brush
Osage Rub after shave

I know where everything else is now, so I'll have the full arsenal available tomorrow!
Hope you like Georgia. It's a lot different than Arizona. Just a touch more humidity for one thing.

I lived in Atlanta for 16 years right out of school. I liked it, but was glad when I had an opportunity to move to a smaller city.
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