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Brush: Simpson Wee Scot
Soap: Cussons Imperial Leather
Razor: Gibbs #14 +/-
Blade: Ladas - hole punched
Aftershave: Cussons Imperial Leather AS / Talc

SOTD: 26th February 2023.


Shaving recipe for today.

Prep: Warm shower:/ Asda Tingly Mint & Tea Tree Shower Gel.

Cold wet flannel to my face.
Pears Original Transparent Bar Soap.
Brush: Semogue 1470.
Face Lather.
Lather: Arko Shave Stick.
Razor: Parker 55SL Semi-Slant.
Blade: Statum Platinum Chrome. (D2)

Cold water Face Wash with brush squeezing's, Cold Water Face Rinse. /Homemade (~Autumn/Winter mix~) peppermint lavender, eucalyptus, + Tea Tree essential Oils Mixed Together With 200ml of Care+Witch Hazel./Arko Comfort A/S Cologne./ Nivea Men Fresh Moisturising Gel.


A relaxing Sunday morning shave.

Everything in my shave set up this morning paired together wonderfully.

I have mentioned on many occasions in my posts that The scent of both Derby & Arko soaps is something i personally don't mind to my sense of smell it's just a 'clean pleasant soap/lemon citrus scent' which like the vast majority of shaving soaps with a few rules to the exception that I have used the scent virtually vanishes after I have done my cold-water face rinse.

A comfortable 2 pass + pick ups shave with no errors to report. Finishing the shave off with a few small dollops of Nivea Men Fresh Moisturising Gel.

My face is feeling smooth & smelling divine. 😉

Keep safe, and enjoy your Sunday ladies & gentlemen. 😎


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1) China: Brush Frank Shaving Synthetic brush.
2) USA: Shaving Soap OZ Shaving Tik Tok Tobacco and Coffee Shaving Soap.
3) England: Razor 1948 Gillette Junior Aristocrat.
4) India: Razor Blade Gillette 7 O’clock Black.
5) France: Alum Block Osma.
6) Germany: Aftershave Balm Nivea Men Sensitive Skin and Stubble Balm.
7) USA: EDT Vera Wang For Men Cologne.
SOTD 26-Feb

Brush: Alpha UKWSS Boar
Soap: MWF
Razor: Blackland Sabre
Blade: GEM PTFE (2)
Post: Thayers Rose

Grand shave this morning, only a couple more days to go with Fat February and it has been a pleasure, made a decent dent in the puck but still a lot of life left in it.

Hope everyone has a cracking day!


Sunday, February 26, 2023.

Floïd oil pre shave. Los Jabones de Joserra: Vanitas, shaving soap & lotion aftershave. Simpson, Chubby 2, sovereing fibre, amber. Jose Monserrat Pou, Filarmónica, 13, Doble Temple. Amouage Jubilation XXV Man, EdP.



Shaving From INDIA
  • STUBBLE: 24 Hours
  • PREP: Face Wash With Tap (room temperature) Water
  • LATHER: Bombay Shaving Company Shaving Cream (Turmeric)
  • BRUSH: Rubab Men Firefly
  • RAZOR: Gillette 7o'clock Permasharp (let's call it the razor). 100% plastic with 3" handle. Almost weightless
  • BLADE: Gillette7o'clock Super Platinum (let's call it SP blade)
  • NICKS: 1
  • ALUM-RUB: Yes
  • ALUM STING: 50%
  • POST-SHAVE: Bombay Shaving Company Aftershave (let's call it BSC aftershave)
- So yes, I tried the BSC Turmeric shaving cream again, this time, a different brush and razor

- The razor is pretty mild. I find it better than Gillette SP razor (this too is a mild shaver razor). Maybe because Handle is shorter or maybe the construction is different or maybe both. I don't know yet. The blade was on 4th use today and stubble was just 1 days old

- Since Firefly is thicker than PW brush, it has lot more capacity to hold water and cream but still this shaving cream is a big no-no. This is my 4th shave and I can tell that either both shaving cream and blade are at fault or it's the shaving cream and the razor. Painful shave and 3 passes for a 1 days stubble. Had to put pressure to get the things done and there was stinging from alum on half the face. I do understand this blade is good but somehow after first shave it's not working out for me. I am surely throwing this shaving cream away. For the razors I am gonna try the blade with which I have the most experience, 7o'clock Permasharp (it bites). And If that does not work then I am also gonna wash and dry and then store away both milder razors (will check YouTube for other uses of a shaving cream)

- I will buy one/two medium aggressive OC/CC razors. But since the prices are a little high right now, all the shaves in coming week will be with my super-aggressive open-comb Romer-7 Ricardo and 100% Steel Shavette. I will try the 5th use of SP blade with Ricardo.

- Surprisingly, BSC aftershave surprised me. It's as good as YARDLEY London. The moisturizing effect is a bit less on BSC in comparison, hence used Patanjali Kesar-Chandan Aloe-vera gel afterward.

What a Bad Shave Week For Me :-\

Razor: Schick C1 Simplified Automatic Razor
Blade: Personna Injector
Brush: Simpson Colonel X2L in Manchurian badger
Pre-Shave: Proraso White
Lather: Truefitt & Hill Apsley
Aftershave: Pinaud Lilac Vegetal
Additional Care:
Thayers Facial Tonic Witch Hazel Unscented
Imperial Leather Talcum Powder
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