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SOTD Monday, May 22 - Sunday, May 28

Travel setup today.....

T&H Turnback
Men-u Shaving Cream
Men-U After shaving face wash
Men-U Aftershave balm/moisture cream
Merkur Travel DE Razor

This Men-U stuff used together is REALLY outstanding. Might be my favorite.
Merkur Futur razor
Floris shave brush
Vulfix Lavender shave cream
Lucky Tiger Toner
Miller Harris Citron Citron EDT

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Edwin Jagger best badger
Merkur Vision
Arko "Lemon" shaving cream
Lubriderm unscented moisturizer
Chabrawichi 555 eau de cologne*

*imported from Egypt, and very lemony and pleasant!


  • Big Band Jazz playing in the background
  • Merkur Slant Bar w/ Derby Blade
  • Inaugural use of the Simpson's PJ3
  • Saint Charles Shave Almond Shave Soap
  • Thayer's Rose Petal Witch Hazel
  • Proraso Post
Additionally, in preparation for Straight Razor shaving, I used both hands to shave today (Rt hand on Rt side of face and Lt hand on Lt side of face). Surprisingly the neck was the only area that I had any issues with.
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Shower: Nancy Boy Invigorating (!) body wash, conditioner; Baxters shampoo, Provence Sante' Verlaine faceial scrub

Feather str8 with Proguard blade
Kent BK2
Proraso soap
Proraso pre/post

Taylors no.74 Victorian Lime cologne

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Stjynnkii membörd dummpsjterd
Fat Bastid' w/Feather
Trumper violet soap (yes, soap for a change)
Thayer's lavender
Proraso splash
Coral skin food

I think that Trumper's violet cream may be the most overrated product in my rotation. The soap seems to work better for me. Additionally, my fat boy only seems to work with a feather- quite strange.
Gillette Fat Boy @ 4*
New Feather
EJ for C&E Super
Arko SC for Normal Skin
Thayer's Rose WH
Knize Ten EDT**

*Began the shave at 3 but moved to 4 b/c it didn't seem to be giving enough exposure. At 4, better but I think I can get closer with the Merkur HD...something about the FatBoy's head...will continue the rest of the week and see how it all progresses.
**Don't know if I'm going to be a fan. Don't know what it was but seemd to disagree with me on multiple levels.
Merkur Futur w/ Feather Platinum Blade
Simpsons Polo 10 Super
Castle Forbe's Lime Shave Cream
QEDman DaVinci Water
CAR Hydrolast Lime/Green Tea ASB
B&B Cologne
C&E Best Badger Brush by Edwin Jagger
Merkur HD
Feather Hi-Stainless
Taylor's Avocado Shaving Dream
Thayer's ROSE Witch Hazel
Truefitt & Hill West Indies Lime ASB
Treufitt & Hill West Indies Lime Cologne

Been a Yardiac all day, planting, sowing, watering, etc. Waited till about 4:00 PM to shave. What a treat to be wide awake, freshly showered after a sweaty day in the yard, and now closely shaven. It'll be interesting to see what I wake up like in the morning; I'm expecting a BBS face in the AM.

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