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SOTD Monday Feb 13 - Sunday Feb 19

Time to wake up and make the donuts!

Shower: Molton Brown Black Pepper Re-Charge Body Wash, Baxter's shampoo, conditioner and face wash

Schick injector with Personna blade
SR208 brush
Taylors St. James
QED DVH20 (not shown)
D.R. Harris Aftershaving Milk

Taylor's Mr. Taylors cologne

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Gillette Adjustable with Feather PtInox
Ed. Jagger for Crabtree and Evelyn Best Badger
QED Cedarwood and Pine Shave Stick
QED DaVinci Water
Eddie Bauer Pure Aftershave Balm
Eddie Bauer Pure Eau de Cologne
Gillette HD adjustable w/Ron's mystery blade
Vulfix 2235
Trumper's rose shaving cream
QED rose hydrosol
Trumper's coral skin food

C&E Sandalwood Soap
AOS Brush
Merkur HD
Tend Skin on neck

A little spritz of Aqua Velva

Not a bad shave for my birthday.
Austin said:
Gillette Adj. razor
Vulfix brush
Trumpers Limes shave cream
Trumpers Coral skin food
What, no Limes Skin Food? Layering Foul! :a50: Penalty! :wink:
Schick Adjustable Injector with Schick Blade
Saville Row SR-208 Super Badger
Vulfix Sandalwood Shaving Cream
Proraso Aftershave Splash
Proraso Aftershave Cream
Calvin Klein Obessions For Men EdT
Edwin Jagger brush
Merkur Vision
DR Harris lavender soap
Lubriderm unscented moisturiser
Santos de Cartier edt

my first shave with DR Harris lavender soap. Very nice, rich lather, and an overall great shave.

Taylor Almond Shaving Cream
Savile Row SR212
Merkur Vision with Merkur blades (finally)
QED da Vinci Water
Proraso Pre/Post
Aloe Vera


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Today was "Tabac Day"

Gillette Fusion (6 shaves in and it now needs a new cartridge)
Merkur Slant for detail work
Tabac Shave Soap
SMF Brush
Em's Cucumber A/S splash
D.R. Harris A/S milk
"Ultra Shave" for extra moisturizer (seriously - an all day moisture MONSTER)

Tabac EdC in QED atomizer
will g's shea patchouli soap
c & e best badger
merkur hd w/ israeli blade
thayer's lavender
will g's patchouli after shave
aloe 80
1805 cologne
Gents, don't forget your loved ones on Valentine's Day.

Hoffritz Slant Bar razor
Saint Charles shave brush
Saint Charles soft bergamot soap
Jason's Beard Therapy
YSL Rive Gauche EDT
Gillette Adjustable (1958) with Feather PtInox
Truefitt & Hill Small Superbadger
Nancy Boy Shave Cream
Nancy Boy Aftershave Gel
Paul Sebastian Fine Cologne
If Joel can have a Lavaganza, why not a Limeapalooza?

Shower: T&H West Indian Limes shampoo and bodywash, Baxters conditioner and face wash

Schick Injector with Personna blade
Edwin Jagger for C&E best badger brush
QED Fresh Limes soap
Taylor's no.74 Victorian Lime aftershave
Trumpers West Indian Lime skin food (not shown)

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Edwin Jagger DE w/ Feather Platinum Blade
Simspons Chubby 1 in Super
Salter's Mint Shave Cream
QEDman DaVinci Water
T&H Ultimate Comfort ASB
Gillette HD adjustable w/Ron's mystery blade
Savile Row 3126
Floris Santal shaving cream
Floris Santal ASB
Floris Santal EDT


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