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SOTD Monday August 7 - Sunday August 13

ada8356 said:

Merkur HD w/ Derby
Vulfix 2234
Proraso pre/post as pre
Nancy Boy Cream
Alum Bar
Feather ASB

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male EDT

I hadn't used the NB in quite a while and I sure was disappointed this time... it just didn't seem very slick at all. This was the first time that I had used it in conjunction with the Proraso pre so maybe that had some negative effect on it.

Hi ,

Use more water to make the NB lather, I had the same problem till one time by accident there got in alot of water into my shavebowl.. too late to get it out I had to swirl my brush..out came great usable lather ! I used the NB with proraso PRE 2 days ago ! very nice..its not the proraso pre's fault..its your water ! we underestimate the water quality to make lather !
Omega brush
Merkur Vision
Palmolive shaving cream (European version)
St-Ives Intensive Relief moisturizer
Grey Flannel edt

-Merkur Progress w.DERBY blade (4th shave)
-SCS best badger
-Shave Deluxe Shaving Oil
-OLIVIA's Eichenmoos (oakmoss) shave soap
-OLIVIA's unscented A/S balm


Merkur HD
Wilkinson Blade
Muehle-Pinsel Super Badger
Wilkinson soap in a bowl - Black

Nice shave with the underestimated Wilkinson soap, great lather, very fresh scent:smile:
Gillette Tech w/ Derby
Vulfix #406 brush
Musgo Real cream
Thayer's Witch Hazel
SCS B&B Bay Rum w/ a Twist
Taylor's Avocado Shave Cream
Superior Brushes 25mm Super
Merkur HD
Derby Blade
L'Occitane CADE A/S Balm
Omega brush
Merkur progress with new blade
Gold-Dachs Spezial shaving soap
St-Ives Intensive Relief moisturizer
Thierry Mugler A Men edt

what a shave! :thumbup1: :thumbup: :badger:

Shower: Molton Brown Black Pepper Re-Charge bodywash, Nancy Boy body wash (used as shampoo accidentally), conditioner, and face wash

Merkur Futur with Derby Extra Blade
SR3124 Silvertip
D.R. Harris Lavender cream (thanks, Jay!)
D.R. Harris Pink aftershave

Czech & Speake #88

I am working on an article on Harris aftershaves - stay tuned for that in the future.
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Merkur HD w/ Derby (only the 4th use, but obviously one too many)
Vulfix 2234
Mama Bear's Soap - Romance Silver
Alum Bar
Thayer's Rose WH
Feather ASB

Clinique Happy EDT

Must've got a bad Derby this week... usually can shave 5 to 6 times with one with no problem.
Merkur slant
Derby blade
Vulfix pur badger
JM Fraser cream
Thayer's a/s
Proraso splash
Neutrogena post-shave defence a/s balm
Atkinsons English Lavender edt
Merkur HD w/merkur blade (ouch, one too many shaves)
Vulfix 2197
Proraso Cream (green tube)
Dickinson's witch hazel w/peppermint EO
Proraso After Shave Balm
Styptic Pencil
Bath & Body Cologne Glacier Bay
Thursday-an all natural shave today:

-Merkur classic LH w. fresh SHARP blade
-SMF II brush
-PSO Shaving Oil
-OLIVIA's Wassermann shave soap

Excecutive Gillette Silver/Fresh SHARP Blade
Arko Sensitive
Muhle SB pinsel
Guerlain a/s
Micheal a/s Balm
Ralph Lauren EDT Romance

Schick Injector w/ Schick blade
Bic Metal (new) for upper lip & touchups
Vulfix 41 Silvertip
Taylor's Sandalwood cream
QED Lavender H2O
CAR Peppermint balm
Trumper's Coral skin food

Trumper's Eucris edt

A most excellent shave. I have to use the Vulfix brush more often as it is just a pleasure to use....this thing is big enough to mop the floor.

The Eucris is fabulous.

I will be skipping a day on Friday as I have a wedding to attend on Saturday.

Have a great day.

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