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SOTD Monday,29.May-Sunday,04.June !!

Monday mornin' :

-Schick Injector
-Somerset shaving oil
-Muehle badger brush
-Taylor's Sandalwood shaving soap
-Lucky Tiger Sandahl's Menthol/Mint Vanishing cream
-Mennen Skin Bracer Original

This was a good start in the new week...:thumbup:

Omega brush
Dovo straight razor
Palmolive lather shaving cream
Lubriderm unscented moisturizer
Aramis edt

a nice, close shave. I love my Dovo! :smile:

Proraso Pre/Post
Vulfix 2236
Trumpers Rose Cream
Gillette 40's SS (flea mkt find on Saturday)
U.S. Personna (day 3)
Thayers Rose W/H
Proraso Cream After Shave Balm

Gillette Aristocrat Razor
AOS shave brush
QED Sandalwood shave soap
Harris Pink

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Body Shop Unscented Shaving Cream -- added their Ylang Ylang Essential Oil to a tub to make it smell good;

Kingsley Boar-Bristle Brush -- doing some thinking before investing in a badger brush;

Gillette Fusion razor -- I still have lots of Sensor 3 disposables and Fusion cartridges before deciding on a straight or safety razor;

Rocky Mountain High-Exposure Sunscreen (SPF 50+) -- don't leave home without it on a sunny day; and

Floris Summer Limes -- regular sales at their New York location make it easy to indulge in something special without breaking the bank, as opposed to Penhaligon's, Trumper, or T&H.
Merkur blade
Dickinson's Witch Hazel
T&H Ultimate Comfort A/S (the sample is now finished)
Jasmine Silver Needle tea

Shower: C&E Nomad body wash, Baxters shampoo, Nancy Boy conditioner and face wash

Feather Artist Club with Super Profesion blade
Simpsons PJ3 super
D.R. Harris Arlington soap
Coral Skin Food

Musgo Real Aftershave


Well, after a few days of using the guarded blades, I decided that I was an expert, and loaded in a Super Professional blade into the Feather. On my second pass, I gashed my chin something fierce; I have literally never yelped as I cut myself, in my entire shaving history. This thing is just too scary. I think once again I have proved to myself that I am not a str8 guy. If anyone has designs on this instrument of evil, drop me a PM.

Don't sell or trade it. Keep it and use the guarded blades. Nothing wrong with that. Or, ignore this and contact Sam. I think he is looking for another Feather.



Stjynnkii membörd dummpsjterd
Vulfix 3325
chick injector
Willi G's #7 soap
Thayer's lavender
Proraso pre/post

This cake of soap is starting to get mighty thin. I'll sure miss it when it's gone! I only have one more- the sandalwood.
Gillette Fat Boy w/ Feather D2
EJ for C&E Super Badger
C&E Nomad SC
Thayer's Rose WH
C&E Nomad ASB

EDIT: FB dialed in at 6 today (4 yesterday). Results are better than yesterday, but not as good as my HD. The blade seemed to scrape more than usual...maybe I didn't have the best angle with the razor. Will try again tomorrow.
Shower: Molton Brown Black Pepper Re-Charge body wash, Baxters shampoo, Nancy Boy conditioner and face wash

Merkur slantbar with Euro-Gillette blade
SR3124 silvertip
Tabac soap
Thayers Rose Witch Hazel
C&E Sandalwood ASB

Acca Kappa Cedro cologne


After using creams almost exclusively for the past few weeks, I decided to go all hard-soaps this week. Yesterday was the fine Arlington soap for D.R. Harris, and today was Tabac. Awesome shave, but the scent is too heavy for warm weather. This one is going into hibernation for a while. Tomorrow, it is T&H soap - who will join me?

After being brutalized yesterday by that cad the Feather Artist Club, I decided to take it easy with the slantbar. :cool: . For those who haven't tried this razor with a Euro-Gillette, you are missing a treat.
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Tuesday, May 30- Back To Work!
Kiehl's Facial Fuel Scrub (3x a week)

Superior Brushes 25mm Super badger
Merkur HD- FEATHER blades
Moss Scuttle
Proraso Shave Cream(haven't used in a number of weeks!)
NancyBoy after shave cooling gel
Kiehl's Facial Fuel Energizing moisture something-or-other (a GREAT wake-me-up, especially after the Proraso and the NancyBoy)

Cartier Eau D'Cartier Concentre
Merkur Futur w/ Feather Platinum Blade
Simpsons PJ3 Super
D.R. Harris Arlington Shave Soap
QEDman DaVinci Water
CAR Hydrolast Lime/Green Tea ASB

Schick Injector w/ new Schick blade
Bic Metal for upper lip & touchups
Simpson PJ1 (Best)
Arko soap
QED DaVinci H2O
Trumper Coral SF

Guerlain Vetiver edt

Nice shave to start the week. I really like the Arko soap. The light scent was just perfect for a hot/muggy morning here in Pittsburgh.

Have a great day and a great shave.


- Merkur HD with Persona blade
- Anthony Logistics Pre-Shave Oil*
- T&H W.I. Limes Cream
- Thayers Lemon WH
- Baxter of California A/S Balm
- Neutrogena Oil-free Moisture for sensitive skin

*Does anybody else find that a PSO leaves their skin really sticky? I've tried several PSOs and find that my skin feels sticky while I shave... and I must say, I am not a fan of this feeling. Perhaps I'm just not a PSO guy...
Gillette Fat Boy @ 6
Feather Blade
EJ for C&E Super
Trumper's Limes SC
Thayer's Rose WH
T&H WI Limes ASB
T&H WI Limes EDT

*Absolutley love the limes. With that, the shave today was more irritating on the neck than yesterday. Will try again tomorrow.
Hello NMMB,

I suggest trying Pacific Shave Oil, which on the forums is called PSO. Absolutely zero stickiness, zero oilyness. Can even be used as a light moisturizer after the shave. Only a few drops needed. Many members use a few drops before the first pass; I use a few drops before every pass. My final T&C pass is done only with PSO and some water.

Zero irritation every time. You can buy direct at www.pacificshaving.com, or buy from Charles at www.qedusa.com next time you place an order.

Plano TX
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