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SOTD May 17 through May 23

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Proraso Pre | TABAC | Shavemac 436 Silvertip | Merkur Futur | TABAC AS

Sunday shave...

Kyle's prep
Godrej Menthol Mist
Gillette Red Tip SS w/Personna (day 3)
Thayer's Lavender W/H
Master Bay Rum

Scent is a mix Master Bay Rum and Crusella's Kolonia 1600

Favorites Shave

5/8 Ivory Scaled Mappin & Webb Razor stropped on a Tony Miller Latigo Heirloom Strop... Kent BK4 whipping up copious amounts of lather from TABAC Soap... and finish with a splash of Icy Cool Virginia Tobacco laced Alt Innsbruck and three short sprays of Floris Santal. Really NICE!
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AOS Sandalwood PSO
Hot Towel
E Jagger Sandalwood SC
Merkur 39C w/ Wilkinson (UK)
Thayers Unscented WH
Hydrolast Sandalwood ASC

Razor: 7/8 Marshes & Pond
Brush: Simpson Chubby 2 Super
Soap: DR Harris Almond
A/S: DR Harris Pink
Edt: T&H Spanish Leather

Schick E-Type (from blue cased WWII Navy issue)
CVS Blade
T&H Silvertip Medium
Old Spice SS
Thayer's Unscented
AS tbd (headed past the Merz in Marshall Fields in a little while)

First go with an injector today. A decent shave (honestly did a final pass with a Blue Tip) but one that I'll need to work on. As with my 1912 shave, I don't think that these razors are something an everyday DE user can pick up casually for a day and get a good shave. Definitely think that, with some work on adapting my technique, I'll be able to get some really good shaves out of this.
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